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5 Reasons to Love Janssen Greenhouse Reviews

By Prateek Godika October 31, 2022 0 comments

Honest Janssens Greenhouse Review

Gardening enthusiasts looking for the perfect janssens greenhouses to suit their needs should take a closer look at this post on  Janssen greenhouse reviews. Buyers of these popular models consistently praise them for their quality construction, ease of assembly, and versatility. From very small yards and backyard gardens to large commercial operations, there's a Janssens Greenhouse model that can meet any gardener’s needs. In this article, we will review five different models from the company as well as provide an overview on why Janssen greenhouses are so highly regarded by gardeners everywhere.

One of the best greenhouses in the "Helios" range of greenhouses from Janssens of Belgium is the Victorian Greenhouse. High-end glass greenhouses have been produced by this company for more than 30 years. They have established themselves as a leading supplier of this type of greenhouse in Europe ever since the Victorian model was introduced in 1999. The Victorian Greenhouse not only offers a top-notch greenhouse environment, but it also adds significant old fashion English style and beauty to your backyard.. It's a typical classic English greenhouse.

We are writing this elaborate post on Janssen Greenhouse, to help you make a conscious decision. Janssen Greenhouse is the premier provider of royal victorian greenhouses. Janssen Greenhouse's selection of glass greenhouses is built to keep your plants and flowers secure from the elements while providing them with an optimal environment for growth. The Janssen royal victorian greenhouses offers both traditional and modern designs that will suit any garden or outdoor space. 

Victorian-era English homes were built ornately and frequently in a gothic style, which has never gone out of style. The best greenhouse designs are thought to have been developed during the Victorian era. The narrow glass panels, cast aluminum spandrels, and steep roof are desirable architectural features for both aesthetic and functional purposes. For instance, the high roof design makes it possible to grow tall-growing plants like bananas or peaches. The ability for air to travel freely throughout the greenhouse improves the environment for the plants, which is another benefit of the higher roof.

When someone comes to your house, the garden is the first thing they notice. Standard greenhouse designs can undoubtedly improve the appearance of your property, but having one built to look exactly like a Victorian home offers a breathtaking perspective unmatched by the home landscape of any other.

Other than its exquisite aesthetic, the Royal Victorian and other greenhouses' design gives various benefits for your plants. By this point you might be wondering that a greenhouse fashioned like the Royal Victorian might cost a lot.

On the other hand, Janssens' "Helios" greenhouse series, which features the Royal Victorian greenhouse style, is quite reasonably priced. What's more, all the information on different sizes given by the Janssens are tailored to match every budget and property size.

Quality Construction

Janssen Greenhouse is a renowned name in the industry of greenhouse construction. Their greenhouses are constructed with top-of-the-line materials, making them some of the most durable and long-lasting structures on the market. The frames of Janssen Greenhouse's structures are constructed with top-notch aluminum that is rustproof and robust enough to endure even the harshest weather. The glazing material used for their Royal Victorian greenhouses is 4mm thick tempered glass which provides superior insulation compared to other plastic or polycarbonate alternatives.

The use of tempered safety glass also ensures maximum protection against breakage and shattering, providing an added layer of security for your plants as well as yourself. Furthermore, all Janssen Greenhouse models come with heavy duty galvanized steel base plates which provide excellent support for the structure while keeping it level during installation. This combination makes these greenhouses extremely sturdy and reliable in any environment they may be placed in - no matter how harsh or unpredictable.

All this shows just how serious Janssen is when it comes to constructing quality greenhouses that last through many years without needing repairs or replacements; something avid gardeners are all too familiar with.

The quality construction of Janssens greenhouses is top-notch and ensures that the lasting quality of your greenhouse will last for many years.

Ease of Assembly

When it comes to assembling a Janssens greenhouse, the process couldn't be simpler. All that's required are the necessary tools and a bit of your time to set up a Janssens greenhouse. The construction is designed for easy assembly with pre-drilled holes and clearly marked parts. You'll find everything you need in the box – from frames to glazing clips – so there's no need to source extra components or materials.

The first step is putting together the frame which consists of metal connectors that slot into place easily, ensuring all four walls and sides are securely joined together. To make sure they're firmly connected, use an Allen key (included with the accessories kit) to tighten each joint before moving on to the next one. Once this is done, attach any additional support beams if required before adding the door, roof bars, walls and side panels using screws (also included).

Finally, fit the door on your glass panes using strong clamps that hold them firmly in place while also allowing light through without creating too much heat build-up inside your greenhouse during hot summer days. With the door and all pieces securely fastened together, you’ll have a sturdy structure ready for planting.

Janssens greenhouses come in five different models, ranging from compact lean-tos suitable for small gardens to large Victorian-style designs complete with ornate features such as finials and cresting rails for added character. Therefore, regardless of whether you are searching premier Janssens greenhouses for a small yard or something basic or fancy enough to rival Buckingham Palace's gardens, there is sure to be an option perfect just waiting for you.


The Janssen Greenhouse is an incredibly versatile product. With a variety of options available, you can easily find the right greenhouse to suit your specific needs. No matter your desired size or complexity, the Janssen Greenhouse selection offers something for everyone.

Royal Victorian greenhouses are ideal if you want to create an outdoor living space. These greenhouses feature large windows and ample ventilation to provide your plants with the necessary sunlight while maintaining a cool temperature in warmer months. Moreover, these greenhouses can be used to store items or as a workshop for hobbies.

Glass greenhouses offer gardeners more control over their environment than other types of structures do. They allow light in but keep heat out, making it easier to maintain optimal temperatures throughout the year and ensuring healthy plant growth without any risk of frost damage or extreme weather conditions damaging delicate plants. Glass greenhouses are also great for growing vegetables because they provide excellent air circulation and humidity levels – both essential elements when it comes to successful vegetable gardening.

Janssens' aluminum framed greenhouses offer unbeatable durability and strength compared to wooden frames, making them ideal for those who live in areas prone to strong winds or heavy snowfall during winter months. The lightweight construction makes installation easy too; just attach the pieces together using screws provided with each kit, then add insulation panels (optional) before putting up your chosen covering material like polycarbonate sheets or fiberglass reinforced plastic film (FRP).

Top Features of Janssens greenhouses

  • A 6-inch high foundation frame is a feature included at no extra charge

  • Misting system included (all it needs is to use a hose to connect to the faucet)

  • Features either a strong tempered glass of 4mm while other brands only offer 3mm glass or 10mm Polycarbonate while others use 6-8mm.

  • A shoulder that is one foot higher compared to other greenhouse models including a large 6ft 7in high gutter

  • It includes heavy duty rubber seals instead of metal clips compared to other greenhouse models. This means a better-insulated greenhouse as well as providing strong support for windows.

  • Comes in varied sizes and designs to suit budget and property size

  • Optional Drop Door Installation with the Victorian Greenhouse is a popular upgrade that provides more upward space for growth while still allowing easy access for moving equipment in and out

  • Roof windows: come with an old-fashioned spindle and a modern Automatic Window Opener.

  • The one-piece vertical glass adds more aesthetic appeal to the design. The use of two glass pieces overlapping each other in other models also gathers dirt that is tough, if not impossible, to clean.

  • During windy weather, the one or two spindle roof window makes it a great feature to have. The roof windows in other areas can also be automatically opened or closed, adding more ease and convenience.

  • Includes one sliding door can be put in any vertical glass location (front, back or sides). This great feature gives you the option to have your door located at the sides, back or front of the greenhouse (not in the T-shaped designs).

  • The combination of 4mm glass and rubber seals guarantees a greenhouse with maximum insulation. Planting several varieties of vegetables and other plants during the winter can be almost easy and convenient.

  • The latest Polycarbonate models now include Polycarbonate windows as well. The “X-Strong” 10mm triple-layer Polycarbonate windows are way stronger than thick glass windows. The best thing about this most recent update is that it can be included in your kit at no extra cost.

  • Stronger, larger, and thicker aluminum profiles that are stronger and more durable than other greenhouse designs

  • The U-shaped metal end caps and the beveled edges of the Polycarbonate panels guarantee extra durability and longevity.

  • Affordable price that is almost comparable to other greenhouse models

  • Better headspace because of its taller design compared to similar greenhouse models on the market

  • The Royal Victorian has four different sizes as well as a retro version in two sizes and two different T-Shaped Orangeries.

Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse Reviews from our customers

Let's look at each Royal Victorian model individually and see what our consumers have to say about it. Every one of them had so far been extremely pleased and proud of their new greenhouse. So don't just take our word for it. Read their comments.

Junior Victorian Greenhouse J-VIC24

Very easy to build. Took me 2 weeks only working 2 to 3 hours a day with like 5 days of no work due to being rained out. Everyone at ShopGrowSpaces that I talked to over the phone or in emails was unbelievably helpful and very nice and was able to either answer my questions or get me to someone who could.

Junior Victorian Greenhouse J-VIC25

I purchased this greenhouse kit after quite a lot of research into different models and prices, for two reasons: it looked beautiful and it was designed to be stable in the face of high winds, something that we experience from time to time in Houston. ShopGrowSpaces was an excellent company to work with: their employees provided valuable advice and helped track the journey of the kit from Europe to the long holding pattern of ships outside the Port of Houston to my door. It is indeed beautiful and solid. Just what I wanted.

Royal Victorian VI 23 Greenhouse 8ft x 10ft

All in all it feels like a very robust greenhouse, was quick and fairly easy to build, and had some great customer support when needed because of that I'll add back in the star I removed before because their service is just that helpful. This product adds beauty and function with lasting quality to your home landscape. The staff was unbelievably helpful and prompt in service. The packaging of the greenhouse was top-notch with no problems and the setup was quit basic as well, with the help of my carpenter

Royal Victorian VI34 Greenhouse 10ft x 15ft

My retirement gift to myself

The greenhouse is great! The support and service are great! The hard part of the job was the bluestone floor. This is a beautiful addition to our house and garden.

100% satisfied.

Royal Victorian VI36 Greenhouse 10ft x 20ft

My wife loves her new greenhouse. We had family come, and help to put it together. It looks beautiful in our back yard. It is also strong and sturdy.

Exaco Janssens Junior Orangerie Greenhouse

My Fun Fantastic Greenhouse This is by far one of the most rewarding projects I have taken on!!! I have always wanted a greenhouse and when I saw this one...I spent a week doing research, and bought it. I got a late start on it so I built the frame and mounted on a concrete slab (not necessary...I just wanted)

Exaco Royal Victorian VI 46 Glass Greenhouse 13ft x 20ft

I have had my Royal Victorian 13 x 120 Greenhouse for 9 months now and still really enjoy it!!! I reside in Colorado among the foothills and we experience high winds, which is why I chose this particular greenhouse. It has consistently withstood the winds thus far! Everyone should check out this Greenhouse and Exaco Trading, in my opinion! They care about you and your purchase and provide you with personalized service. Also, I paid extra to have it assembled for me.


Exaco Janssens Greenhouse vs. Palram: Which One to Buy?

Customers interested in purchasing a regal Victorian greenhouse frequently cannot decide between Exaco Janssens and Palram, two of the top greenhouse kit manufacturers.

Although both of the aforementioned greenhouse producers are renowned for producing high-quality greenhouses, one is superior to the other. As a greenhouse is a substantial investment, buying the appropriate one is vital.

So without further ado, let's get to the specifics.


Exaco employs tempered crystal glass to double-wall polycarbonate to create greenhouses. High insulating value, better insulation, and enhanced safety are provided by them. While Palram greenhouses are similarly constructed from premium polycarbonate, they may not be as attractive and effective as Exaco greenhouses.

Snow Load

Buyers should consider the snow load and glazing type while deciding between an Exaco or Palram greenhouse. The Exaco VI 23, VI 24, and VI 46, among other items, have snow and wind load certifications under the International Building Code. For instance, the VI 23 small can bear a ground load of 30 lbs PSF and a roof load of 20 PSF. Moreover, it can withstand wind gusts of up to 130 mph.

However, compared to Exaco greenhouses, Palram greenhouses are less able to endure high winds, heavy snowfall and wind loads. For instance, a Palram hobby greenhouse can withstand winds of no more than 56 mph and up to 15 pounds PSF.


Regardless of your level of experience with greenhouse farming, you must be aware that the toughness of your greenhouse is crucial. Because of this, you might wish to think about Exaco Jannsens' glass greenhouses. Research demonstrates that glass greenhouses last 20 to 30 years greater than polycarbonate greenhouses.

Overall, glass is the strongest greenhouse material and is better able to survive adverse weather conditions, collisions, and heat impacts than any other greenhouse material. Glass greenhouses also go nicely with covering materials. However, compared to glass, polycarbonate is more resistant to impact damage and cracks.

Glass or Polycarbonate Construction - Choose Which Best For You

Victorian Greenhouses have 4mm glass and 10mm polycarbonate walls. Each choice has definite advantages that allow you to choose the most suitable choice according to your requirements. Benefits of Tempered Glass Benefits of Polycarbonate View 2022 structural certificates for Victorian buildings including wind or snow load rating. See other handy printable document links on this page below this page. Victoria Greenhouse is a top greenhouse from Janssens' Heios greenhouse line. Since its founding in 1890 glass greenhouses are used in many industries worldwide and can be used with any glass plant in the UK.

Do the Royal Victorian greenhouses come in black?

Yes, they are

Can you get a second or third sliding door?

Yes, you can add sliding or hinged doors. The hinged doors are a very high-quality addition and come with a lock. They can be placed as single doors or double doors.

Can you combine kits to make a larger greenhouse?

It can be done

What does an optional accessory kit include?

Optional Accessory Kit includes One front shade cloth, 4" deep x 20" wide planting shelf, a 4.5" wide top shelf, 2 inside shade cloths with pull ribbons.

Also, how sturdy is the frame?

These units are extremely strong over 100 mph wind and snow load  of over 20lb psf with additional supports available  that can bring it up to 50 lbs psf

Can I get a royal victorian vi23 in white?

Yes it is by special order

Is the glass tempered?

Yes, it is 4mm tempered glass. The polycarbonate is 10mm very high-quality twin wall and is taped on

What were Victorian greenhouses made of?

Most glass houses had frame systems incorporating wood and metal, and only a very small yard or portion was entirely cast iron owing to high costs in the initial stage and intensive service demands.

How good are polycarbonate greenhouses?

Polycarbonate greenhouses have higher durability than high-end glass greenhouses. Often polycarbonate panels are easily removed individually to perform repairs. Although polycarbonates have exceptionally high durability, UV protection is necessary in order to prevent their yellowing.

How long do greenhouses last?

Depending upon soil corrosive capacity, the greenhouse frame will likely last a year or so. The frame of the greenhouse can last for more than a second year to 20 years, but polycarbonate panels can last up to 15 years until you are replaced that particular greenhouse with another one or installed in the current frame.

Are small greenhouses worth it?

Small greenhouse houses offer excellent choices for those who want a lot more room to plant and have limited outdoor space. They protect plants against any season and keep them safe.

Do plastic greenhouses work as well as glass?

Glass greenhouses are generally more effective than plastic ones for a few reasons. Firstly, glass is a better insulator and provides greater temperature control. Additionally, it allows more light to pass through which helps plants grow faster and stronger. Plastic greenhouses also tend to be less durable and can become brittle in extreme temperatures or when exposed to UV rays over time. Ultimately, while plastic greenhouses may provide some protection from the elements they cannot match the efficiency of glass ones when it comes to providing an optimal environment for growing plants.

Is a small greenhouse worth it?

Yes, a small greenhouse can be worth it for avid gardeners. It provides an ideal environment to grow plants and vegetables all year round, protecting them from extreme weather conditions. By utilizing resources such as water and fertilizer more efficiently, the greenhouse can help produce healthier plants with greater yields. Additionally, greenhouses can help reduce the spread of disease by providing a controlled atmosphere where pests are kept at bay. In conclusion, investing in a small greenhouse is an excellent way to maximize your gardening potential while ensuring that your efforts pay off long-term.

How good are polycarbonate greenhouses?

Polycarbonate greenhouses are an excellent choice for avid gardeners. They provide superior insulation, strength, and durability, while also allowing more light to penetrate than traditional glass or plastic greenhouses. Polycarbonate is lightweight and shatterproof, making it ideal for any climate or environment. It's easy to assemble and maintain as well. For budget-conscious gardeners looking to maximize their gardening experience, polycarbonate greenhouses provide an ideal combination of quality and affordability.

Which type of greenhouse is better?

The type of greenhouse that is best for avid gardeners depends on their individual needs. For those who want to maximize space and light, a polycarbonate or glass-paneled greenhouse can provide the most benefits. A polycarbonate or glass-paneled greenhouse can capture more sunlight than other types, enabling plants to flourish with less energy expenditure. On the other hand, if you're looking for something easier to assemble and maintain then an aluminum framed greenhouse may be better suited as they come pre-assembled in panels which makes them much simpler to put together. Ultimately it comes down what fits your budget and gardening goals so consider both options before making a decision.


In conclusion, Janssen greenhouses offer gardeners a quality and versatile solution for their gardening needs. With five different models to choose from, there is something for everyone. The sturdy, resilient construction of the Janssen greenhouse makes it a great option for both amateur and experienced gardeners alike, with simple assembly instructions that make setup a breeze.

If you're looking for quality gardening equipment, then look no further than Janssen greenhouses. Our reviews provide the best insight into what to expect when investing in a greenhouse from this trusted brand.

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