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California Lightworks Solarsystem 550 Review 2020

By Affirm Collaborator January 02, 2020 0 comments

California Lightworks SolarSystem 550

We are trying to review one of the most powerful and popular LED grow lights: The California Lightworks SolarSystem 550. Using everything they learned from their hugely successful SolarStorm and SolarFlare grow lights, California Lightworks created this highly efficient and powerful grow light

The California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 has with some impressive features at an excellent value and makes a great addition to California Lightworks' line of LED grow lights.

When paired with the SolarSystem Controller, the options are out of this world! It has both a manual and programmable spectrum control mode, you can play with the spectrum for both growth and bloom, there is also a sunrise and sunset option and last but not least the ‘natural light plant viewing mode’… all this together in one LED module is absolutely unique and interesting.

Solarsystem 550 lights draws 400 Watts, uses OSRAM SSL LEDs, is waterproof, and is covered by California Lightworks' 5 year warranty. This LED grow light is easily able to beat a 600W HPS. it's a 400 watt light at the wall and it runs from 90 volts to 277 volt and that's totally variable. So you can run on any voltage you want like 120, 208, 240, 277 it really does not matter. This light will be able to handle all voltages 


California Lightworks SolarCycle 550 UL Listed

It's also UL Listed so it can be used in a commercial grow environment and is made in the USA, so you'll always have access to the best support. 

It can cover a 3 ft x 4 ft area for flowering and up to a 4 ft x 8 ft area for veg if you raise it high enough above the canopy.

California Lightworks SolarSystem Controller

The coolest part about this light is that you can use the SolarSystem controller to completely control the timing and spectrum of your grow light. A single controller can control up to 1000 SolarSystem 500s and makes it easy to optimize your grow. 

The SolarSystem 550 is packed with features such as:

  • Programmable spectrum control
  • Smart lighting for efficiency
  • High intensity PAR output (620 μuMoles/s)
  • Waterproof (65 IP rating for damp & wet conditions)
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance
  • Auto-sensing 90 to 277 volt power source capable
  • Made in America, right here in California!

Natural white light plant viewing mode

The plant viewing mode of Solarsystem 550 is simply amazing. It switches off the blue and red LEDs leaving the plants in a natural white light. It becomes a lot easier to identify possible nutrients issues, pests and diseases etc.

Its also nice to show your friends your plants under natural white light conditions – a big improvement over yellow HPS light or the typical pink glow of most LEDs. The ‘plant viewing mode’ is easy to switch use; Using the hand held controller, simply select ‘Manual’ and then click on ‘View’ and there it is – normal daylight spectrum which is a lot less strain on your eyes

Review of Main differences between LED and HPS Lights

  • LED produced more compact plants, less stretching than HPS – no elongated stems.
  • LED produced vigorous, healthy plants with beautiful dark green leaves – like most good LED’s.
  • Growing with LED produced much less heat than HPS. Its enough to keep the grow room warm without making it too hot. LED is therefore easier to work with in summer months, hot countries and smaller indoor grow tents, less air extraction is needed.
  • Herbs grown with LED need less water per day due to cooler grow temperatures and reduced transpiration. Plants are easier to look after, and its better for the environment.

Why we love 550 Solarsystem LED grow light?

California Lightworks has been a popular brand of LED grow lights on ShopGrowSpaces. They create great products built in California, and have helped many indoor gardeners get larger, higher-quality yields while saving money on electrical costs.

This company stands behind their products with great warranties, and this new 550W light has been in development for some time. It's designed to be useful for many types of growers, from single-light tents to large commercial style gardens connecting dozens of lights in a single room.

Pair with the California Lightworks SolarSystem Lighting Controller

The SolarSystem Controller is what really makes the SolarSystem 550 so versatile, with the adjustable spectrum, programmable mode, manual mode, adjustable power and ‘white light’ plant view mode. If you are planning on growing plants that demand to toggle between different wavelengths of light in the spectrum with specific intensities during the growth stages, you are getting the right thing so far. Simply use its screen to vary the light intensity of three different light spectrums from zero to ninety-nine percent. The SolarSystem 550 also has IPX65 water spray resistance, and several units can daisy chained together and all controlled from a single controller.

More excitement— the California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 lights have the ability to mimic the sunset and sunrise with the aid of timer control. Moreover, to ensure that your plants flourish in the best possible ways, this LED grow light meet their demands of specific light characteristics in the fall, spring, summer and winter seasons.



 Using the touch screen system controller, you can adjust between three separate light spectrum channels, each from 0% to 99%. Channel 1 corresponds to red and deep red light. Channel 2 corresponds to natural white light, while Channel 3 corresponds to blue and deep blue light. Depending on the present state of your plants, you can adjust the light and spectrum control accordingly for optimal growth.

  • Automatic day/week/month customizable calendar programs
  • Wireless or hardwired networking
  • Control over an almost unlimited number of lights and zones
  • Battery back up saves the program if power is lost.
  • No proprietary cabling (simple phone cord will work)
  • Customizable sunrise/sunset period
  • Individual control over red/deep red channel, natural white (view mode) channel, and blue/deep blue channels for perfect spectrum delivery.
  • Variable dark period and finishing routines to maximize resin output
  • Options are available for PC, wireless, internet, and smart phone applications



In settings where this LED grow light works together with the sunlight, the light sensor would be integrated with the controller to relay the intensity of sunlight. This way, the light fixture could be switched off if the sunlight is enough on its ownIn addition, the light fixture could also be connected to a smartphone or pc to export data into them.

Power capabilities and light footprint

The 550 lights only draws around 400 watts from the wall at full power making it a very efficient and economical light for both grow rooms and grow tents. That's a 40% power savings over traditional HPS lights.

The 6' x 8' veg and 4' x 4' bloom footprint make it an excellent choice for standard grow trays and frames as well. Weighing in at just 13 pounds, this light is very easy to adjust and hang.

To truly get the most out of this like you really do need to pair it with the controller. The controller screen is also fragile. So just like any other electronic device, be careful with it. Luckily the controller comes with a handy wall mount bracket to keep it from harms way.




What comes in the package?

The SolarSystem 550 comes in a combo of Method Seven Operator LED+ glasses, the controller, and two fastening ratchet ropes. Since the LED grow light could operate in a spectrum other than that in daylight, these Method Seven Operator LED+ glasses are specially designed to filter out the disturbing radiations; consequently, allowing a comfortable operation to the user.

If your plans encompass around gardening in a vast area with a variety of plants demanding unique working conditions from the LED grow lights, the controller comes in handy here. In fact, this single controller is efficient enough to control numerous LED grow lights. Lastly, California Lightworks Solar system 550 LED grow light comes with a couple of good-quality 1/8” hanging ratchet ropes to secure the hanging of unit.

Optimization Abilities – Control Everything

The strong online support lets the programmable controller of Solar system 550 get frequent updates to continue optimization. Moreover, the flexibility of this light fixture from California Lightworks allows it to collaborate it with other light fixtures and gadgets to intensify the growth process.

Specifications of the California Lightworks SolarSystem 550

The California Lightworks Solar System 550 has an input voltage range of 120-240VAC and a maximum current of 3.3A @120V. It also operates at 50-60Hz. Most household appliances in North America operate on 120VAC 60Hz, meaning the Solar System 550 will be compatible with all standard North American household power outlets. The light boasts a PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) of 620 umoles/s and an efficiency rating of 1.55 uMoles/s/W. The fixture itself measures 18 x 8.5 x 4 inches and weighs in at 13 lbs

  • Programmable spectrum (SolarSystem Controller required)
  • Coverage: 3 X 4 in bloom and 6 X 8 in veg
  • High Power Osram LEDs – 400 watts actual draw at full power
  • 50,000 hour LEDs
  • 50,000-hour water resistant fans
  • Automatic voltage regulation: 90 – 277 volts
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Active heat management
  • Local support and grow room design
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • UL listed


  • Lowest priced premium-quality 400W LED grow light
  • Very safe
  • Features a programmable spectrum control option
  • Energy efficient—works in only 400 watts
  • Low heat output
  • LEDs with 50,000 hours of life
  • Lightweight (weighing only 13 pounds)
  • Strong networking and optimization abilities
  • UL listed LED grow light
  • Active Heat Management
  • 5 years warranty
  • Works perfect when you find the right settings
  • Great with the hand controller
  • Mimics sunset and sunrise


  • Controller needed for maximum control
  • Not a low-budget option


Albeit expensive to purchase initially, California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 LED grow light could be an effective investment in the long run. It offers durability due to its sturdy design, together with great performance. It’s a user-friendly product that would engage the amateur with its interactive and easy controls. In addition, it’s networking abilities and versatility is surely going to serve as the icing on the cake for experienced growers. The extensive options and good price for a premium-quality LED grow light make it a good option for growers of plants, cannabis, and vegetables.

All in all this LED grow light is an impressive value and would fit nicely in any grow space! It makes a nice addition to the already impressive California Lightworks line up of grow lights.

They have a history of innovation and continue to produce their existing product lines. From the 110 and 220 watt SolarFlare up to the UVB enhanced 440 and 880 watt SolarStorm grow lights, California Lightworks newest SolarSystem LED light compliments this offering.

550 System Video Review

We are confident that after reading this review, Solar System 550 would be one of your preferred LED grow lights for growing

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