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Glass greenhouse Guide 2020

By Alien Hunter March 31, 2020 0 comments

Glass greenhouses are luxurious, beautiful, elegant and permanent. They are traditional and provide an excellent growing environment. For many, glass greenhouses are iconic and the clarity of glass truly creates a feeling of bringing the outdoors in, surrounded by their own cultivated garden paradise. This alone is enough reason for many people to choose glass greenhouse coverings over polycarbonate or polyethylene film. From residential greenhouses through research facilities and commercial production houses, glass greenhouse coverings offer many advantages.

Why is a greenhouse made out of glass?

For greenhouse designs, the most expensive but the best quality ones are made out of glass. Glass is heavy and could be the toughest material to install in a greenhouse. When it is fixed right and when protective measures are in place to protect them, they can give a lifetime service.

  • Glass greenhouses have a permanent clarity which allows almost 100% light transmit compared to polycarbonate which has 80% light transmission, which will gradually fade over time as the polycarbonate becomes more opaque. For many growers, 1% more light equals 1% more potential production. A glass greenhouse covering allows the most sunlight to enter your greenhouse, giving maximum potential photosynthesis.
  • Glass covering tends to be heavy weight and thus glass greenhouse structural framing is generally stronger than other greenhouses. This makes it an excellent greenhouse investment and adds lasting value to one's property, home, or farm.
  • Glass greenhouses provides several types of glass options to improve insulation and thus help with solar heat gain/ This not only helps your greenhouse to use less energy, but also to provide better crop protection.
  • Glass is quite inert, can function for 40 to 50 years without failure, non-combustible, resistant to UV radiation and air pollutant degradation, maintains its initial radiation transmission on regular cleaning
  • Initial investment in a glass greenhouse tends to be more, but it recoups it's initial investment on a long term due to its durability and long life.
  •  Glass sheets are scratch resistant when compared to poly-carbonate sheets

What glass is best for greenhouse kits?

A glass greenhouse kits has many types of glass options that are especially desirable for greenhouse use.

  • Single layer glass are treated for safety and durability
  • Double glass greenhouse has the additional insulation power of two panes of safety glass. They pocket a thin air barrier which helps in reducing solar heat gain and also with heat loss and condensation from the winter ambient temperature difference.
  • Low-e glass glazing option are further coated to reduce the transfer of both heat and cold. This coating reduces the amount of radiation able to be transferred through the glass. This coating, in winter, prevents heated air (long wave radiation) from escaping because the coating reflects it back inside. Whereas, in summer, the sun’s visible spectrum heat (short wave radiation) is reflected away from the structure.
  • Diffused glass, which is a newer technology, is incorporated in some glass greenhouse. This has been shown to benefit crops and increase the uniformity of the greenhouse climate in regards to light and temperature. For diffused glass greenhouse, a recent study showed increase production for tomato, cucumber, chrysanthemum and anthurium. Diffused glass is a more expensive covering option, but the benefits to production may balance the initial cost expenditure.

Risks Associated with A Glass Greenhouse

  • A glass-paneled greenhouse can be a quite expensive investment
  • Glass greenhouses need to be freighted firmly inside to prevent any damage during shipping. Another thing to keep in mind is moisture damage particularly if the shipping is scheduled during humid or rainy seasons. Polycarbonate greenhouses are practically strong and indestructible, properly distributes the light and is easy to fit.

Precautions While Using the Glass Green houses

Condensation factor needs to consider for glass greenhouses. It can be prevented when they are properly sealed. This holds for both double-paned and triple-paned glass. It's much more easier to maintain the greenhouse when they have the glass coatings. For instance, the material coating, some self-cleaning glass brands have the ability to break down the accumulation of dirt on the panels simply by using sunlight. Water is also prevented from beading on them because of the coating that sheds off the water. These coatings can certainly add to the greenhouse price, but they are practical options that save you the trouble of washing them often and hence lesser time spend on greenhouse garden maintenance.

Best Glass Greenhouses Features

It's very important to pick a top-notch quality glass greenhouse when looking to purchase one. Ideally you should be looking for some thing with good insulation as compared to polycarbonate, as glass tends to be provide less insulation. For the "rough" days of the year, you want a sturdy frame that will give you enough stability. So, let's have a look at our top picks:

Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse

If you want an elegant, durable and efficient glass greenhouse options , the Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse design is a perfect choice. Not only it has a stronger aluminum frame and is better insulated because of rubber seals, but you can also add an accessory kit or reinforcement kit in order to make it the perfect greenhouse package. These Greenhouses are inspired from Victorian era, which is considered golden age for the greenhouses. These greenhouse models also tend to have period features. For example, some of the these glass greenhouses have cast aluminum frame spandrels at both the eaves and the ridge. These add both strength and style to these kind of glass greenhouses.

Janssens Greenhouses Features:

  • 4mm glass for glazing
  • The misting system is included where all it needs is to be attached to the faucet
  • Stronger, larger, and thicker aluminum frames compared to other brands
  • More headspace with the  tall design
  • 6in high foundation is included in the base model
  • A glass door that can be installed either at the sides, back or front of the greenhouse
  • A louver window and manual/automatic roof vents for continuous airflow
  • Available in varied sizes to match property area and budget
  • Optional with Premium Kit: Full-length narrow top shelf, inside shade cloths, full length with pull ribbons, long seed tray
  • Optional reinforcement kit to further increase stability for extreme winds and snow
  •  Created to stand the test of time
  • Multiple options for choosing between glass and poly-carbonate greenhouses due to protection from sun
  • Are luxurious, beautiful and permanent
  • Provide controlled environment all the year round for cultivation
  • Made in Belgium
  • 15 years limited warranty

Pick your size and design of the Janssens Royal Victorian here!

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