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Grow Tent Kit Buying Guide

By Alien Hunter March 26, 2020 0 comments

Contain the mess and maintain your privacy. Welcome to your closet on steroids. Every part of our complete grow tent kit works together to maintain a healthy and productive indoor garden. From the high quality and powerful lighting to the helpful garden accessories, we've included all our favorite tools to make indoor gardening easy and productive. All you need to get started are plants, soil, and water!

What is a grow tent kit used for?

A indoor grow tent kit is a portable and reusable grow room, and is perfect for those who want to start growing indoors but fear compromising privacy or making a mess in their house. Growing in a closet or a separate room in your home can be expensive and messy, and isn't always feasible. This is just one of the many reasons home growers are switching to complete grow tent kits. Indoor Grow tent growing is discrete and creates a better environment for growing plants than a spare bedroom or linen closet ever could. It is tough to beat the efficiency of a grow tent kit. They come in sizes ranging from 2’ x 2’, which can fit in your closet, to 10’ x 20’, which is big enough to fill a garage! There truly is a package for everyone.

Are grow tents smell proof?

Your pot plants need airflow, they need oxygen, and they need ways to get more air. You just cannot have a grow tent that is 100% sealed off, air proof, and smell proof. ... So yes, a growing tent will hide the smell a bit, but not totally, especially because you will need ventilation. Closing off various openings and making sure you have a thick walls in your grow tents is a good start. Carbon filters and smell absorbing gels can help too, but at the end of the day, every and any grow kits room and grow tent needs to have proper ventilation, and therefore the smell cannot be fully contained inside of it.

Choosing a grow tent kit

There are so many grow tent kits on the market that shopping can get overwhelming. We recommend you first determine how you want to design your best grow room. Your ideal best grow kits tents will be different if you want to grow in a small closet than if you could devote your whole garage to growing.

What is included in a grow tent kit?

Grow tent kits are the best way to get started growing indoors because you are essentially buying an entirely outfitted grow room. Trying to buy each individual component necessary for a grow room will lead to headaches, and generally, be more expensive than our preconfigured grow tents packages. On top of the best grow tents (obviously), you get to choose grow lights and you also get a ventilation system. Those three components are what mostly comprise your tent package, and from there, its really up to you what else you add! Optional add-ons that we highly recommend you grab are a grow method and any accessories you may need to start growing huge plants in the comfort of your home!

Grow lights

One of the most important components of any successful indoor garden grow kits are the grow lights. You will be able to narrow the tent based on what grow lights you want to employ for the grow kits, such as:

Ventilation System Kits

One of the major benefits of growing in grow kits is the ability to create your own mini-environment without affecting the rest of your home! So, make sure you add a ventilation system to your grow tent package. Otherwise, you will struggle with humidity and temperatures, not to mention odors!

Are grow tent kits smell proof?

Grow tent kits with an exhaust fan and carbon filter will definitely help you eliminate any odors. These components work together to filter odors from the growing environment. The carbon filter eliminates the smells of your garden and prevents them from extending into the room or the rest of your house. You want to constantly recycle the air in the grow tent and introduce fresh air every 1-5 minutes. This will keep CO2, oxygen, temperature, and humidity levels under control. When you add a ventilation system to your grow tent, it includes the ducting to exhaust stagnant air, exhaust fan, carbon filter, speed controller, and clip on fans to create a cool breeze! 

Grow method

The next step in selecting a grow tent kit is deciding if you wish to grow in soil or hydroponically. There are pros and cons to each.


Using a hydroponic system in your grow tent kit will grow less plants in the same space than a soil grow tent. The quality and yield of the harvest will generally be superior, which is why many indoor growers prefer hydroponic systems. If you opt for a hydroponic grow tent kit, all that is left is selecting hydroponic nutrients and the hydroponic grow media, which can be:

  • Clay pebbles or growstones
  • Coco coir chips
  • Rockwool
  • Foam


There is a longer learning curve with hydroponic systems, so if you are new to growing, we recommend you start with a soil grow tent kit and upgrade later on if you wish. The grow tent kits with a soil grow method will grow more plants, and are much simpler. You can add pots and saucers, and from there you will need to select a nutrient package and a growing medium such as:

  • Garden soil and potting mix
  • Coco Coir Fiber or coco mix

Grow Tent Accessories

There are a number of common tools every grower needs throughout the plants life cycle, such as:

  • Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • Trimming scissors
  • Post harvest extraction bags
  • Trellis netting

Upgrading your grow tent kits

All grow tent kits come with the basics necessities for getting your indoor garden started. Economy grow tents are great for beginners, but growers with a few harvests under their belt may want to upgrade their system.

Multi-Chamber Grow Tents

One way to take your operation to the next level is with multi-chamber grow tents. Also known as a perpetual harvest grow tent, these contain different chambers for plants in different stages of growth. This allows for a harvest every 8 weeks! With one chamber for flowering and one chamber for vegging and propagation, you will never find yourself short on plants.

CO2 Enrichment Kit

Introducing additional CO2 into your grow room can have a number of benefits, such as:

  • Increased plant growth and vigor
  • Decreased effect of environmental stresses
  • Increases water and nutrient efficiency
  • Greater temperature tolerance by plants

A CO2 enrichment kit consists of a tank, regulator, controller, and tubing. Most serious growers already utilize some form of CO2 generation in the grow room or grow tent, and once you reach this level, you should too. 

pH Kit

The pH of your water or nutrient solution plays a vital role in plant health and growth. You want to feed your plants a solution with the range of 5.5-6.5, which is slightly acidic. If you are unsure of the pH levels you have been feeding your plants, this is a problem. A pH adjusting kit includes pH up and down, which are bases and acids respectively. Depending on the status of your pH level, you add one of these into the nutrient solution, and then re-measure with a pH meter. By ensuring pH is in the optimal range, you are giving your plants the ability to absorb all nutrients and minerals available, leading to healthier, heavier plants.

Supplemental Lighting

Grow tent kits come with optimal lighting to grow the number of plants recommended, but to supercharge plant growth, you may want to add supplemental or side lighting. This allows plants to receive light from different angles, and in areas other than the canopy that would normally not be penetrated. You can also create a fuller spectrum by combining different types of lights! For example, if you have an MH and HPS grow tent, adding in some supplemental fluorescent or LED lighting can have profound results on plant growth and yields! The most popular form of lighting is using LED Bars on the sides of your grow tent kit.

Soil to Hydroponic

As mentioned earlier, we recommend all beginners start with a soil grow tent kit, because soil is more forgiving when it comes to human error and there is a shorter learning curve. Once you have the basics of growing in soil down, you should consider moving to a hydroponic system. Hydro presents the opportunity to dial in nutrient dosing, focus on fewer plants, and can generate higher-quality flower than soil in a shorter period of time.

Other upgrades

There are tons of other ways to continue upgrading your grow tent kits, but they will depend on the size of your tent and how serious of a grower you are. The environment in larger tents can be improved, by adding humidifiers or dehumidifiers, and air conditioners or heaters. Which one you need will depend on the current status of your environment, but these are upgrades only feasible for larger tents.

Another simple upgrade all tents should consider is a means of purifying the water you use. Reverse osmosis filters help separate harmful particulates, and if you are growing hydroponically, are a must have.

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