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Next Light Mega LED Grow Light Review 2020

When it comes to LEDs, growers high expectations out of them in past, always meet with disappointment, as it always delivered uninspiring results. LEDS in 1990s, were considered a new invention and were considered an aspirational product, due to the variety of colors offered by them. They claimed to have the  "perfect grow spectrum", but only delivered disappointing results.

2016 was the year when everyone in garden industry rejoiced, as the light that ultimately deliver's the kind of results expected out of an LED came out in the form  of "NextLight Mega"

Being considered as Best Value LED, NextLight Mega uses only the most modern white lights which replicate the full, dynamic spectrum. This allows Next Light Mega LED Grow Light to deliver a sun-like quality of the HPS 1000 over a long period while just using a fraction of the energy.

Let's dive a little deep to know more about the features of this LED Grow light. This post of 2020's review of NextLight Mega LED Grow Light could be a great help to you save money and time in the wrong lights.

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Top Reasons for Choosing NextLight Mega LED Light in 2020

NextLight Mega LED Grow Light Review 2020

Best Spectrum in a 650-actual wattage

NextLight Mega is better the 1000 watt HPS light, as it has a better spectrum with same coverage area, consumes only 650 actual watts compared to any double-ended 1000 watt HPS bulb. Thus it has a better PAR.

This LED Grow light is called "Mega" not due to its size, but due to increased production and large footprint it provides to your canopy. This grow light is perfect for grower's who are looking to cover large areas using only 650 watts.

One of the best features of Mega is that it doesn't have separate settings for veg and bloom, due to it being of full-spectrum panel and hence using only white LEDs. This leads to usage of same amount of power from the time it start's its operation, unlike other lights.

NextLight Mega is considered at the top end of similar lights on the market which range from 530 (during veg) to 680 watts in power consumption.

Tested for safety

With so many electrical equipment involved, every grower is concerned about safety of the equipment's used by them. Product safety is the cornerstone of NextLight. NextLight Grow lights are safe  and have gone through a lot of tests and proven by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc., an independent, nonprofit organization that writes testing standards and tests products for safety and certifies them. UL has track record of developing more than 800 standards for safety, and millions of products including their components are tested to UL’s safety standards. 

Biggest Coverage area

Next Light Mega has a 5 by 5 coverage area, and it can also provide you a full PAR footprint, thus giving it the largest coverage area among all 1000 watt equivalent LEDs on the market. Grow lights like Mega, and Black Dog PM-2 600 are the only fixtures that can equal or top a 1000 watt HPS bulb when it comes to PAR and coverage.

With it's PPF of 1400 umol per second that works out to 2.15 PPF per watt, Mega is considered as the “the most efficient full-spectrum LED grow light” in the industry today

Efficient white LED diodes

NextLight Mega has extremely high-quality diodes which have a rated lifespan of 100,000 hours, which probably never has need to replace them and thus save money for the grower's. These diodes can run for 12 hours a day and 100,000 hours for over 20 years. 

The competent diodes of NextLight Mega are far efficient from its competitors who only use about 3 or 5-watt chips. which needs to be replaced frequently from other powerful ones. NextLight Mega has over 2500 white LED diodes that draw around a quarter watt each, which combine to create a powerful and precisely distributed light that equal the output of a double-ended 1000 watt HPS bulb.

Lesser Heat Output

The diodes of Mega do not produce much heat, hence the fixture of Mega doesn’t have any internal fans and relies only on heat sinks. Moreover, its external fan blowing beneath is enough to deal with the heat that’s produced and at the same time, will also help increase the lifespan of the diodes.

The heat output of Mega is about 2200 BTU, which is average of the lights for this size. But the many of the other lights have several built-in fans, thus leading to spend more much time and additional equipment to cool your grow room. With use of Mega, these costs can be prevented. Also the low heat output that Mega produces makes the life of the diodes increases and thus saving on the replacement cost's.

Simpler Operation

One of the biggest grower's concern is how to use each product they have purchased.  Complicated operations of growing products can make a grower's life complicated, but operating  Next Light Mega is as easy as it can get. Since it doesn’t have separate modes for veg and bloom, so you don’t need to have any more to use a control panel or remote control. NextLight is one of the fewer companies which includes both a 120V and 240V power cord, which saves money and time in finding another separate cord

Lightest and Slimmest LED fixture

With LED panel that only measures 37 x 37 x 2.5 inches and only weighs 23 pounds, NextLight Mega’s fixture is considered as by far the “lightest and thinnest LED fixture in its class”. Make no mistake about the "sleek" body of this Mega, it will still give you a guarantee that it’s a high-quality LED grow light!

For anyone looking for a full-spectrum white LED grow light, NextLight Mega is the perfect light. This LED light not only helps you to save money and time, but also offer's you great high-quality features such as a larger coverage area, more output per watt, runs cooler and completely silent, and lastly comes with the best warranty. This is an all-in-one package for a LED grow light!

So, no more doubts and worries! Because NextLight Mega would be the best investment for your growing business for it will give you the same results just like a double-ended 1000 watt HPS light.

Next Light Mega LED Grow Light Specifications:

  • Flower Footprint: 5 ft x 5 ft
  • Veg Footprint: 7 ft x 7 ft
  • PPF: 1400
  • Wattage: 650W
  • PPF/Watt: 2.15
  • Unit Dimensions: 37 in x 37 in x 2.5 in
  • Weight: 23 lbs (10.43kg)
  • Daisy chain option: maximum number of units plugged in here is 1. This receptacle is for use with NextLight products only.
  • Life Rating: 100,000 hrs
  • Warranty: 5 Years Full
  • Operating Voltage: 120v - 277v
  • Operating Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Operating Temperature-4ºF to 104ºF (-20ºC to 40ºC)
  • BTU Output: 2,200
  • Input Current: 5.4A @ 120V, 2.7A @ 240V
  • Made in the USA: Of US and Imported Parts

Included in Box:

  • 1 x NextLight Commercial Series Mega Fixture
  • 2 x V-Hooks
  • 1 x 120v Power Cord
  • 1 x 240v Power Cord
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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