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  • Once you decarb the buds, how long do they last and how do you store them?

    Store them in a glass ball jar, then experiment with a small amount to see how well it holds up over time. 

  • After decarb, do you have to do anything else or can you use it as is?

    Your herb is ready for use for making tincture, oil, edibles, etc 

  • How much can you decarb at a time? Can you do an ounce or more??

    It is twelve fluid ounces, or 1 1/2 standard measuring cups. For raw plant, I could scrunch up an ounce and a half by weight into it, for dried the limit was about half an ounce or 14 grams.

  • Is it quicker or longer than in an oven?

    The duration will depend on how many ingredients you want activated. However, it is much much better than an oven. The Ardent will shut off automatically to prevent burning of your material. It'll also prevent a lot of the usual odor associated with oven use. If you make edible treats on a regular basis, it's definitely worth the money

  • How much does this smell? And will it automatically stop decarbing when bud is ready?

    The smell is really low, almost imperceptible. And yes, it will stop automatically and show a green light when bud is ready. 

  • Can u smell the herb when its decarbing in the. Machine? Odour is a big reason why most ppl can\'t use there home oven. Is this sealed airtight?

    Yes you can smell it. It's not too bad compared to an oven, but there is a smell while it works and once you open it. Fans or air cleaners will remove the rest of the smell but it's not 100% odorless. 

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