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Great Light

It really is a great light. I am confident that I will be happy.

I want to work for you guys!!

I recently got this PHYTOMAX-2 200 to do a little test compared to my Kind K3 LED and holy smokes!!! I want to work for you guys in my free time spreading the word about this light. I have a few of Superclosets systems and they come with the Kind K3 LED and I switched one out for your PHYTOMAX-2 200 and its like a night and day difference. A side by side grow in the same supercloset, same strain, same nute schedule, and the PHYTOMAX-2 200 is a f-ing game changer!!! And believe me I'm calling Superclosets and letting them know. I can definitely say that I will be getting more of these lights asap, and some stickers or shirts or anything thing with yalls logo on it and gonna make sure people know that Black Dog is the real deal!!!


I bought the phytomax2-200 in December and started to grow immediately. I was a pretty hesitatent to purchase since the price is relatively expensive. I'm almost done with my first grow as a beginner and I'm impressed. The light has worked as described without any fualt. The quality of the light is nice and easily noticed when being handled. The light also keeps the temperature down which is an added bonus. The fans are virtually noiseless and the distribution of light is great. Overall the plants love this light and produce buds everywhere on the plant with the top canopy having massive buds. I few more grows with the phytomax2-200 to hone my growing skills and then I'm purchasing a 400 or 600. My opinon if you can afford it get it. You won't be disappointed


The internodal spacing is immaculate to what I've been growing with! (Mh,hps,cheap LEDs) the difference is night and day,no joke! If you want resin production and layers of frosty trichomes your gonna wanna definitely run on these lights! I have 3 phytomax 2 200's and they rock my 4x8 tent with snowflakes of trichomes from heaven,these three cover more footprint than a hps and give you better weight with 40% or more savings in electricity,the stickiness from the resin is no lie.... buds stick together,I have to go in and separate sticky buds every day! If your looking to grow quality herb! Then buy a quality light! And Black Dog is a game changer for the cannabis field! Dont take my word for it,ask anyone who uses black dog led lights,the results are astonishing!

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