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  • Can I plug the Electric Sky into 120V or 240V power sources? International plugs?

    Yes, using the supplied adapters, the Electric Sky will automatically operate from a voltage range of 100V – 277V. The plug on the Electric Sky is a standard C13 plug found on many appliances. A standard power cord will plug into the Electric Sky. Find an adapter that fits your country for compatibility to any AC power source by searching for “C13 power cord”

  • What kind of eye protection do I need?

    Normal polarized sunglasses are recommended when caring for your plants.  The lenses of the unit help keep light out of your eyes for a comfortable growing experience.  The spectrum itself looks like evening sunlight.

  • Can I get my Electric Sky wet?

    We do not recommend getting the Electric Sky wet.

  • How do I clean my Electric Sky?

    The LEDs are protected by the lenses on the underside of the unit.  Use a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses on the underside of the unit. Compressed air is the best way to remove debris from the upper side of the heatsink.  

  • What is the maximum recommended ambient air temperature?

    For still air installations with little airflow (such as a grow tent or mounted very close to the ceiling), a maximum air temperature of 85°F is recommended.  In large commercial rooms or situations with plenty of airflow, maximum air temp can get up to 90°F.  The ideal temperature for the best growth is 78-82°F.  

  • How much heat does the Electric Sky put out?

    The Electric Sky puts out on average, 50% less heat than HPS systems, especially because the light itself does not heat up your plants.  A small amount of airflow will keep it cool because the entire light is made out of a heatsink.  In most grow situations, a 4 inch exhaust fan is all that is needed to cool up to 2 Electric Sky units in a grow tent.

Customer Reviews

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Everything was in order and the light looks and works great.

Hi Prateek, I just unpacked my light yesterday. Everything was in order and the light looks and works great. Planted my first vegetables and flowers this morning. Will compare with my t5 grow lights and possibly purchase more in the future. Thanks for asking! Dale

I’m very happy with this light!

I have been an avid tomato and pepper grower for years. I was skeptical about these lights but thought I would give it a try . What did I have to lose? There’s a guarantee! What I noticed was the tomatoes especially, they took way more nutrients! Which in turn equaled bigger tomatoes and my sweet peppers are a deeper red color !! I’m very happy with this light!!!

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