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  • Will this work for flowering in a 4 by 4 foot tent?

    This light will flower a 3x3 area at minimum intensity. It will perform best in a 2x2 based off of our PAR measurements of the light. 

  • What is the cct of the leds?

    The light contains a blend of 3000K and 5000K diodes so it is about a 4000K average. 

  • Has anyone ever put one of these against a lush lumenator?

    Not to our knowledge. This is only 190W but is more efficient than the Lumenator. It puts out more light than the Lumenator, given its wattage and efficacy. 

  • Does this come with a dimmer or can one be purchased?

    Sorry, this does not come with a dimmer and is not setup to dim.

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More medicine, less power!

Who says LED can't match HPS? TheNextLight Core LED Grow Light produced 21.43 % more medicine but used 25.55 % less power! This is based strictly on calculating on the power (wattage) consumption of the light. In actuality the HPS system requires more wattage to run when you factor in the ventilation fan to keep the light (grow area) cool.

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