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Black Dog LED grow lights is one of the oldest grow light manufacturers but certainly one that continues to innovate within its space. They're known to deliver high quality, efficient, high-power, high-yield, full-spectrum LED grow lights for any sized grow with one purpose in mind: to grow and harvest as much crops as possible.

black dog led lights

The patent-pending Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 series of LED grow lights from Black Dog LED builds on its more than 6 years experience with LED grow lights, incorporating numerous technological and engineering advancements to deliver unprecedented PAR levels and efficiency to maximize growth.

Top Reasons to Buy Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 series of LED indoor grow lights:

  • Developed by team of engineers and plant scientists with months of design, testing, and refinement to create PhytoMAX-2
  • It has set the highest standard in grow light technology with the PhytoMAX-2 series of LED indoor grow lights:
  • Every top-bin LED is selected from the industry leader for its particular wavelength, including Cree, Osram, etc.
  • High light intensity and energetic spectrum, crucial for canopy penetration to nourish lower leaves and flowers
  • Even, edge-to-edge coverage eliminates leaf burn and hot spots
  • ETL certified to UL safety standards
  • The best active heat management in the industry, crucial to maximizing LED life, efficiency and spectrum stability
  • Largest heat sink among LED grow lights for superior cooling and increased LED life
  • Ultra-efficient, long-life fans: 70,000+ hour rated lifespan
  • Designed and built in Colorado-Made in USA
  • The most efficient Phyto-Genesis Spectrum for growing plants based on over 6 years of research and testing, outperforming HPS, MH, CMH, Induction and Fluorescent in equal wattage tests
  • Black Dog Grow Light have one ideal spectrum for both Veg and Flowering stages
  • 2-in-1 functionality of vegetative and flowering lights
  • Decreases internodal spacing to encourage flower and leaf growth, rather than stems
  • These Black Dog LED Lights are laboratory proven to produce higher potency/active compounds (THC, CBD, terpenes, antioxidants/vitamins and flavonoids)
  • Fast, Proven ROI- PhytoMAX-2 1000 has 6-12 month average ROI, thus making it best value per watt of any commercial LED grow light
  • 1050 Watts / 1602 μMol/s total photon flux- PhytoMAX-2 1000 is the most powerful grow light on the market
  • Industry-Leading 5 Year Warranty


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