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Centurion Pro Trimmer

CenturionPro is a renowned company that offers a wide range of high-quality automatic compact tumble-style trimmers and other bud trimmers. Their award-winning line-up of trimmers is designed to cater to the needs of all types of harvest. Whether you're a small-scale grower or a large commercial cultivator, CenturionPro has a few other bud trimmers, that will suit your needs.

One of the standout features of CenturionPro's trimmers is their innovative tumble-style design. This design allows for a gentle and efficient trimming and harvesting process, which ensures that your buds are trimmed to perfection without damaging the delicate trichomes. In addition, their trimmers are equipped with powerful motors and high-quality blades that can handle even the toughest trimming jobs with ease.

CenturionPro's trimmers are also incredibly easy to use and maintain. They are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and clear instructions that make operation a breeze. Additionally, their trimmers are built to last, with durable components and top-notch craftsmanship that ensures they will provide years of reliable service.

Overall, if you're in the market for a top-quality automatic trimmer, CenturionPro is definitely worth considering. Their award-winning line-up of trimmers is well-suited for everyone's needs, and they are committed to delivering the highest levels of quality and performance to their customers.

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Centurion Tabletop Pro Trimmer CenturionPro Trimmer
SALE $800.00

Centurion Pro Tabletop Trimmer

$3,295.00 $4,095.00
SAVE 20%
Centurion Pro GC1 Bucker Debudder & Bucking Machine No Thanks! CenturionPro Trimmer
SALE $200.00

Centurion Pro GC1 Bucker Debudder & Bucking Machine

$4,795.00 $4,995.00
Centurion Pro GC3 Triple Bucker Debudder & Bucking Machine CenturionPro Trimmer
SALE $500.00

Centurion Pro GC3 Triple Bucker Debudder & Bucking Machine

$11,995.00 $12,495.00

Top Reasons to Choose CenturionPro Trimming Machines?

  • With years of experience, CenturionPro has a reputation unparalleled and guarantees only quality trims that no hand trimmer can match.

  • CenturionPro has the perfect trimmer for everyone's needs

  • Centurion machines have the largest blade surface area.

  • Centurion Pro range of trimmers can trim wet from 20 pounds to 200 pounds or trim dry from 4 pounds to 40 pounds. Most of them come with dual purpose hybrid tumbler

  • Centurion Pro Trimmers can accommodate more flowers than other trimmers, due to their larger tumbler diameters. The optional Quantanium-coated tumblers feature a non-stick coating, so you get 40 percent greater trichome preservation, without the chemicals.

  • Each trimmer in the product line comes with the largest diameter in the industry, helping you reach your fullest potential in trimming.

  • CenturionPro is the only trimmer brand that uses diverters to manage suction correctly. Whether you’re cutting wet or dry flowers, CenturionPro promises perfect cuts every time.

Importance of Dual Purpose Hybrid Tumblers

All the CenturionPro trimmers and trimming machines are specially designed to trim both wet and dry material. These Dual Purpose Hybrid Tumbler, which comes standard with all centurion pro mini and centurion trimmers and machines, has been extensively tested to outperform both the traditional wet tumbler when trimming wet and the traditional dry tumbler when trimming dry, at maximum efficiency.

This CenturionPro innovation allows you to switch between wet and dried flower or dry material with just a few small adjustments to your trimming system. This is a major benefit because you can purchase one machine and still have the capability to trim wet or dry flowers, with consistent feeding and not sacrificing quality

In 2020, CenturionPro moved away from offering separate wet and dry tumblers collection systems and now offers a Dual Purpose Hybrid tumbler collection system instead.

This entire machine has been extensively tested and found to be a very tight, trimming system wet product better than the old 1/8” Wet Tumbler and a very tight trim, dry tabletop system, product better than the old 1/4″ Dry Tumbler.

How to use Centurion Pro Trimmer

  • Begin by hanging the entire plant, leaving the leaf on. Start with 30% humidity at 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours. After that, raise the humidity to 50-60% for another five to six days. Next, carefully cut all your flowers off the main stocks of the plant. Leave only the flowers and leaves in tact. Then, depending on the density of the flowers, they should be ready to run through the machine.

  • The buds should be 80-90% dry. This will allow the fan leaf and sugar leaf to remain somewhat PLIABLE/BENDY; in a soft and flexible state. If the larger leaf is too dry and brittle, it is difficult for the machine to pull this stiffer leaf through the slots of the drum. Therefore preventing a clean, sharp cut. To remedy this, raise the humidity up to 75% for about half a day to a full day. Remarkably, this softens the unwanted leaf while returning almost no additional moisture to the main body of the buds.

  • It is CRITICAL that unwanted leaves remain soft and bendy in order for the machine to perform a perfectly sharp cut. We also recommend using a humidifier or a water bottle with a misting nozzle. This will help re-introduce a small amount of moisture to the unwanted leaves before running the flowers through the machine.

**The leaves MUST be SOFT and PLIABLE for the CenturionPro trimming machine to be EFFECTIVE.

**Please note: This method will allow virtually no additional moisture back to the inner bud/flower. The moisture will only soften up the outer leaves.

After running the buds through the trimming machine, chances are they are ready to bag up!

A quick test after the whole triple bag system and outer cloth bag system has been sealed will help achieve the perfect moisture content. This can be done by opening the triple inner bag and a system of the bags back up to air the buds a bit (curing process).

You may prefer to run the machine fully pressure with the plastic cover off, and the diverter almost open (this varies depending on variable speed control and the density of the strain). Please note the machine operates best when the tumbler is 50-60% full.

A huge bonus to trimming dry products with a CenturionPro trimming machine is that it will require almost no periodic cleaning and the blade will not gum up. Especially, when you trim wet, using our Quantanium non-stick tumblers.

Therefore, there will be no little to no downtime throughout the trimming process.

The main advantage of the harvesting process of DRY trimming is better preservation of both the body | strong, natural aromas and flavors after the harvesting process is

How to clean Centurion Pro Trimmer?

First and foremost, maintaining and cleaning marijuana trimmers is the key for maintaining the life of your machine. Fortunately, Centurion Pro machines require little maintenance, so you only need to do this from time to time.

CenturionPro’s tabletop trimmer and bud trimmer line are easy to clean so you can spend more time producing successful results with little effort. For starters, the machines are generally small so there aren’t tons of parts that require cleaning.

Lubricate the bearings

Anyhow, do remember that you can extend the life of your cannabis trimmer by greasing the bearings after every few cleanings. To keep your trimmer healthy, we also recommend cleaning the machine after every three to four hours of use.

However, you’ll want to remember that every strain of marijuana is different. That means that some machines can go longer without cleaning whereas others need cleaning sooner. For example, dry trimming requires less cleaning than wet trimming – so make sure you keep these important details in mind.

Bristles annual replacement

Once you start using your trimmer, mark the date in your calendar to track how long you’ve been using it. The brush needs to be replaced annually since the bristles tend to get bushy due to hot water, meaning they aren’t effective anymore.

Avoid using a pressure washer and strong chemicals

There are a few steps you can follow to take good care of the Quantanium coating. Firstly, submerge it in a pool of soapy hot water and let it soak. Make sure that you don’t do use any pressure washer for cleaning and always wipe it clean with a soft cloth. If you must use a cleaning agent then stick to one part Dawn dish soap along with one part vinegar in a spray bottle, coating it and then letting it soak. You can also clean other parts of the machine this way.

Because the bed bar blade is made of Toro hardened stainless steel cutting reel you should never have to sharpen it. However, if necessary, use a sharpening stone and check out our video tutorial to find out how to do this safely.

Use air blowers

When cleaning marijuana trimmers, outline your cleaning schedule and don’t forget to include your blower. 

Store in a warm place

Lastly, always store your trimmer in a warm environment, such as a car garage, and give your machine a break from time to time since it can run nonstop for several days.

CenturionPro Solutions is proud to make the most competitively priced machine, with both cutting power and high processing capacity. They have an extensive range right from tabletop small bud trimmer takes up to small bud trimmers to high capacity tumble