Freezer Dryer

Home Freeze Drying machines from HarvestRight are the next step in home preparedness.

Choose any food you want: leftovers, your favorite recipes, popular snacks, treats - anything; and place it in the trays of the home freeze drying machine. Let the machine run and (almost) magically, the water from the food disappears!

This process of sublimation, or freeze drying, has been used for decades and now can be used from the comfort of your own home! The foods retain their original shape, texture and taste but now have a 10-30 year shelf life! What better way to get prepared than with a home freeze dryer.

Freeze Dryer Trays


Harvest Right Oil Free Pump

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Harvest Right Large Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

$3,695.00 $3,195.00

Harvest Right Medium Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

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