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Grobo Automated Hydroponic Grow Box System - Prices - Reviews

What is Grobo?

Grobo is the With Grobo, now virtually anybody is able to consume or smoke produce or herbs that they’ve been growing with their own hands. Even if you live in a high rise apartment in the heart of downtown, growing and consuming your own produce or medical plant is easily achievable. Grobo uses scientific methods and data-driven approaches which helps in growing better, faster and healthier plant and medicine.

Grobo’s Automated Hydroponic Grow Box System uses deep water culture hydroponic growing technique which consists of your plant growing in a mix of water, nutrients, and air. This helps Grobo optimize the nutrients and lighting for each of their 200+ grow recipes. The result? Your plants grow quickly and produce the highest quality flavors. Grobo develops fully automated grow boxes for home use. Grobo automated grow box leverage AI and ML to increase yields and decrease plant grow times.

Grobo Automation

The Grobo automatic grow box uses sensors to monitor the condition of the plant, automatically adjusting its watering schedule, and then lets you know when it's ready to harvest. It's suitable for a range of crops — including tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, herbs, kale, and more — but founder and CEO of Grobo, Bjorn Dawson, says the device's creation was inspired by the challenges Canadians face growing medicinal herbs at home.

If the user wants, the Grobo can grow plants pretty much by itself. Plant seeds are placed in a growing medium made from recycled coconut husks, with the user telling the device what's been planted so it can regulate the delivery of water and nutrients. Sensors inside the Grobo monitor how much of this material is absorbed by the plant and measure the plant height, allowing the app to make adjustments to the growing schedule or alert the user if they need to intervene. LEDs inside Grobo mimic a full 18 hours of sunshine every day, while carbon filters can be turned to eliminate any odors created by the plants.

Grobo Automated Grow System Features

Full spectrum led lighting

Grobo fully automated grow box has full spectrum lighting which completely changes the game. This may just sound like 8 fancy ways to give your plant light but it can actually does amazing things. The 8 different colours can shine at varying intensities throughout each stage of the plant growth cycle. Grobo automated growbox customizes the lighting settings of each specific strain to increase the plant yield and quality of the cultivation. 

Bottom line: It means you can grow, bigger and better plants. Really at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Full nutrient and pH automation

The pH level adjustment and nutrients dosing features save you lots of time. The pH sensor in the water reservoir of Grobo grow box constantly monitor the pH levels in the water. When the system indicates that it isn’t at optimal growing conditions it automatically doses pH up or pH down to get it back to its perfect state. The Grobo grow boxes sensor is also constantly monitoring the systems nutrients levels. It knows exactly how much nutrients the herb needs. When the system senses that the herb is low on food it automatically doses in nutrients, this means that your shrubs never goes hungry. 

These features stop you from having to constantly tend to the mundane task of balancing pH levels and dosing nutrients. Not having to do this severely cuts the amount of manual labour and upkeep necessary for your herb. 

Grobo Grow Box also comes with a grow recipe list. This means that you can actually go through and choose from a list of plants and strains you want to grow ahead of time. This list tells you exactly how long it will take from the time you cultivate your seed till harvest meaning you know exactly when you get your final product. Each recipe on that list also has a pre-set optimal lighting schedule. That means that each specific strain has a tailored setting with tested success, high quality and the best yield possible.

There are currently have two models available. The Grobo Solid and Grobo Premium Grow Box.

Benefits of An All-in One Grobo Grow Box

  • Activated carbon filters keep the smell down
  • Monitor and control your plants from your Android or iOS device
  • Chose growth recipe and let the controller manage the rest including in some devices drying and cleaning
  • Produce high quality plants grow
  • Large yields from your first grow
  • Watch your harvest grow as you kick back & relax
  • Elegantly Designed For Any Space
  • Keep your family safe with the built-in lock
  • Grow from seed to harvest in 3 months
  • Less than 20 minutes of maintenance a week
  •  Yield 1-3oz per grow
  • Support from the Grobo team and AllGrowers community

Grobo Box Product Highlights

Grobo Premium v/s Grobo Solid

Let Grobo take the stress out of your personal grow system. These “smart” systems will monitor everything that your plants need to grow, including nutrients, ventilation, light levels and pH of the soil.


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