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Grow Cabinets

Are you worried about providing uniform and ideal conditions for your plants? Does odor control is one of your top most priority while growing? Grow cabinets is the answer you are looking for.

They allow hydroponic growers to provide uniform led grow and ideal conditions to their plants, odor control, discreet growing and much more benefits. They are often referred as Grow Boxes, Stealth Cabinets, Grow Lockers etc

These self-contained growing environments mimic everything a gardener naturally needs to cultivate healthy plants. These self-contained environments offer many advantages in terms of cultivating healthy plants, complete customization of conditions, and are adjustable to suit the specific needs of a plant throughout the entire growing cycle.For stealth conditions, these are a perfect solution. Grobo Automated Hydroponic Grow Box System are the most automated growing system on the market. Grobo indoor growing systems allow users to easily grow a wide variety of plants from the comfort of their own home. With Grobo, now virtually anybody is able to consume or smoke produce or herbs that they’ve been growing with their own hands

It is because of their stealthy, inconspicuous design, locking features, and ability to eliminate odors. Lighting is provided for inside grow boxes, and seedlings, clones, and mature plants all benefit from the efficiencies of these compact and stable environments.

Top Reasons for Choosing Grow Cabinets

Fully Equipped: For a new grower, choosing the right gear can be quite daunting. Cabinets grow are turnkey solution for them, with just need for seeds, water and some tenderness. They're professionally designed by seasoned growers for ensuring simple and minimum operations with great results
Adaptable – You cancan fully control the conditions within these growbox, including the lighting, temperature, humidity, ventilation, and watering schedule. This enclosed fully automated grow cabinet gives everything you need to produce the highest quality indoor crops possible as you are in total control of deciding and implementing the best growing environment. Seedlings, clones, and mature plants can be effectively grown inside stealth lockers, as well as hydroponic or soil crops (such as herbs, vegetables, and more)
Compact: A hydroponic grow cabinet system symbolizes efficiency in a tight space. For growers with small space, a grow cabinet is a god send gift. The smallest hydroponic grow cabinet is about the size of a mini-fridge and can easily fit into an already cramped apartment or bedroom, with potential for full growth.
Discreet: They are discreetly designed to take away your worry about discreet cultivation. They lock up tight when you not around and the carbon filter system takes care of any smells, which can bother your neighbors.
Odor Control – Some lucrative crops have a distinctive and pungent odor. Therefore, cultivators of these crops will especially appreciate the odor-eliminating features of home grow hydroponics lockers system. Carbon (charcoal) filters are used to suppress the smell so that your living space remains odor-free
Effective – Providing ideal conditions means that grow lockers system can produce the highest yielding and best quality crops. There is less monitoring and maintenance required because all the components inside a grow box are automated to do the work for you. And indoor gardening means that crops can grow year-round and at an arm’s length away. Grow cabinets also provide protection against bugs and other pests.
Economical – Grow lockers initially can seem expensive, but these grow cabinets come complete with all the components you need to start growing (including grow lights, filter, fans, pumps, and grow media). Therefore, you don’t need to purchase these items separately. Plus, grow cabinets will provide years of continuous harvests. So an investment in a grow cabinet is a wise and economical investment in the long run.


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