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Grow Tent Kits

Buying grow tent kits just got a lot easier! At ShopGrowSpaces, we offer the best grow tent kits, with the most variety. We’ve got grow lights, hydroponic supplies, organic soil growing equipment, and much more. Grow tents are easy to set up and maintain, and they provide a safe environment for seedlings to grow in. 

Grow tent kits are a convenient and efficient way for indoor gardeners to create a controlled environment for their plants. These kits include everything you need to grow, including the tent itself, grow lights, ventilation equipment, and other necessary accessories. Grow Tent kits are perfect for people who want to grow plants indoors but need more space or resources for a permanent grow room. These kits are also great for people who want to keep their growing operation discreet and out of sight.

Made of durable, light-proof material that reflects light onto the plants, maximizing the amount of light they receive. They also have zippered doors and vents for proper ventilation and temperature control. Grow tent kits come in various sizes to accommodate growing needs, from small tents for personal use to larger ones for commercial operations. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced grower, a grow tent kit is a great investment for any indoor gardening setup.

Buy a Grow Tent Kit.

If you're looking for a simple solution to indoor gardening, then a grow tent kit might be right for you. The best choice for beginners. You just need to add water and fertilizer once every few weeks. When you buy grow tent kits you're getting everything you need to be up and running with your indoor garden right away. It's so much easier than buying a grow tent, a separate light, a separate ventilation system, and on and on

When you buy grow tent kits from ShopGrowSpaces, you will receive everything you need to create the right growing environment. Having all the products you need in one convenient kit saves you time and money. Items from top brands are part of these kits.

Scroll down below to see our selection of grow tent kits and packages.

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Highdrogro Dream Box 2.0- Indoor Grow Tent Kit (upto 6 plants) Highdrogro Grow Tent Packages
SALE $40.00
Highdrogro Dream Box - Indoor Grow Tent Kit (upto 6 plants) Highdrogro Grow Tent Packages
SALE $200.00
Highdrogro Stash Box 2.0- Indoor Grow Tent Kit (upto 3 plants) highdrogro Grow Tent Packages
SALE $130.00
Highdrogro Stash Box - Indoor Grow Tent Kit (upto 3 plants) highdrogro Grow Tent Packages
SALE $134.00
Spider Farmer® SE5000 480W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit
SALE $30.00
Spider Farmer® SE3000 300W Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit
SALE $30.00

What is a Grow Tent?

In basic terms, a grow tent is a tent used specifically to grow plants in. "But can't you use any tent to grow plants in?" Yes you can. However, what sets indoor grow tents apart from other plant coverings is that it's optimized for growing plants indoors. This is largely in part because of their frames and their covers : Grow tent frames are made to withstand at least 100 lbs of weight . Grow tent frames are made to hold lots of weight to ensure lighting and other growing equipment can hang safely above plants.

What Are Grow Tent Kits?

A grow tent kit is a portable and reusable grow room. A grow room (sometimes expressed as a single word: growroom) is a room where plants are grown under controlled conditions. Grow tent kits are used by folk who want to grow plants indoors discreetly or for other reasons of convenience.

A typical grow box kit will contain the following items:

  • A reflective grow tent

  • Powerful grow lights

  • A mechanical or digital timer

  • A comprehensive hydroponic system

  • Plant nutrients

  • Ventilation equipment

  • A circulation fan

  • A light hanging system

Each package or kit in our store has its own unique advantages and benefits and to that end, contains different items. It’s a good idea to go through the product descriptions to pick something that suits your needs best.

Grow Tent Kits at


The Benefits Of Grow Tent Kits

Grow tent kits offer a range of benefits to the avid indoor gardener or marijuana connoisseur.

  • Convenience: Growing in your home in a closet or a separate space can be expensive and messy, and hence it isn’t always the most feasible option. This is why grow tent packages are popular amongst home growers.

  • Privacy: There can be a number of reasons why privacy might be at the top of the mind for a home grower. After all, discretion is the better part of valor. To that end, grow tents provide a discreet setting for growing thereby creating a better environment for growing plants than a spare bedroom or a closet.

  • Efficiency: The efficiency of grow tents is hard to surpass especially when it comes to balancing all the aspects of growing like lighting, soil, etc. And perfect growing conditions invariably leads to better yields.

  • Customizability: Grow tents come in a variety of sizes allowing you to customize it exactly for your requirements. Sizes range from 2’ x 2’, which can fit inside your closet, to 10’ x 20’, which is large enough to fill a garage.

What to Look for in Indoor Grow Tent Kits?

Things to consider are:

  • Grow Tent Sizes & Plant Capacity

  • LED Lights

  • Ventilation and Air Circulation

Which Grow Tent Kit to Buy?

If you're a new grower looking to get started or an experienced green thumb looking to upgrade your grow, there is no better option than to buy grow tent kits for beginners. Another reason so many growers are investing in our indoor grow tent kits is the ability to grow top-shelf year-round. You aren't limited by the seasons, so you'll never run dry again - enjoy all the flower you can cultivate, all in the comfort of your home. Plus, you are able to grow higher quality plants in general with growing indoors.

There are different kinds of grow tents and some are listed below.

LED Grow Tent Kits

LED indoor grow room kits are a great choice for all growers looking to get spectacular harvests with LED technology, which for very good reasons, has quickly become one of the most commonly used types of growing lights in the industry. Indoor grow room kits LED have low energy consumption, low heat output, and full-spectrum light which is a perfect match for indoor growing rooms. And the versatility of plug-and-play is appreciated by all.

At ShopGrowSpaces, our LED tent packages are fitted with all the necessary components for a healthy and bountiful harvest without the need for much maintenance due to the long-lasting diodes that are used in these LED indoor grow lights and are great marijuana grow kit.

How to figure out the size of the LED grow tent kits you need?

Choosing the size of your LED tent kit is dependent on how many plants you wish to grow and how much growing space you have to work with. We suggest that growers looking to grow for personal needs can consider sizes from a 2' x 4' LED Develop Tent Kit to a 5' x 5' LED Grow Tent Kit. Even so, we have all sizes up to 10' x 20', hence catering to all your needs and specifications.

Our LED Grow Tent Kits Include:

  • Grow Tent - You can grow anywhere from 2-64 plants, depending on the size of the tent kit you are going with

  • Grow Lights - Light timer, light hangers, LED lights for growing

  • Ventilation System - Carbon filter, circulation fan, inline exhaust fan, clamps, fan controller, and ducting

  • Growing Method - You can grow in the soil, hydroponically, or in a deep water culture system

  • Accessories - Accessories like a thermometer-hygrometer, an ice water/dry ice extraction bags, and trimming scissors are included

Complete Grow Tent Kits For Soil

The complete grow tent kit for soil is specifically made for the new grower. These kits are ideal for folk who are just getting into the practice, who don’t have space and hence are likely to look at growing indoors. Grow tent kits for soil are ideal because they’re fitted with all the equipment one needs to get growing right off the bat.

Why is soil such a big deal?

Sustainable growing requires soil and organic nutrients. Microfauna and microorganisms break down nutrients in the soil and help the plant grow. Not only are organic nutrients and soils safe, but they also give the best yields.

Complete grow tent kits for soil at

You'll fall in love with our complete grow tent kits for soil whether you're looking to grow organically indoors or you’re just a beginner or both! Our kits come with everything you need to grow and if needed, you can easily customize each of our kits with upgrades for every single item on our product list.

Hydroponic Grow Kits

Hydroponics is a plant-growing process without using soil. This approach uses a mineral nutrient solution in a water solvent to make the cycle of picking up nutrients more effective than when using soil.

At ShopGrowSpaces, we bundle everything you need for hydroponic growing into our hydroponic grow kits. These include grow tents, grow lights, and hydroponic systems to easily facilitate your next hydroponic indoor grow.

These hydroponic grow kits help with efficient growth, thus saving time and money. These kits have the appropriate wattage row light for various grow sizes. Also, each of our hydroponic grow kits is highly customizable, which allows you to pick and choose which parts of these hydro grow kits you wish to upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Grow Tents

1) Where to buy a grow tent?

There are various forms of this question:

  • Where can I buy a grow tent?

  • Where to buy grow tents?

  • Where can I buy a growing tent, tents for growing, grow kits, a grow room, high quality growing tents, best grow tents, etc.?

The answer is pretty simple: You can buy all of these and more at ShopGrowSpaces. In fact, like us, there are many sellers of these grow tents.

Obviously we're biased, but we feel that you'll get the best grow tents at the best prices at our site. Scroll down below to see our best grow tents!

2) How much is a grow tent?

Our range of Grow tent start at $$199 and go up to $7999 and upwards. At ShopGrowSpaces, our prices start at $679 (for the Highdrogro Stash Box 2.0- Indoor Grow Tent Kit (up to 3 plants) and go up to $5930 for the (SuperCloset SuperRoom Smart 9′ x 9′ Grow Tent Kit System). That's an average of 15% discount to a discount of 24%. We also offer coupons which can reduce the price of your tent. Growing was never this affordable! Most of our products also come with free shipping! Also, discreet shipping is available as well!

3) How big of a tent do I need for 4 plants?

Tents of these size are suitable for 4 plants: a 2' x 4' tent and a 3' x 3' tent (fits 2-4 plants), a 4' x 4' tent (fits 4-6 plants), a 5' x 5' tent and a 4' x 8' tent (grow 4-10 plants comfortably in these).

4) Do you need a tent to grow indoors?

The advantage of using a tent when growing indoors is that you have great control over the growing environment. You can customize the light, the water, the temperature, and even the humidity perfectly, giving yourself the best chance to grow your plants under the best conditions.

5) Are grow tent worth it?

Yes, grow tents are worth it because though they're initially expensive to procure, they save you money in the long term, by bringing down the money required for ingredients such as water, nutrients, and lighting costs, over the life of the tent.

6) How many plants can I grow in a 10x10 room?

32 medium plants or around 24 bigger plants can be grown in a 10x10 grow room.

7) How many plants can I fit in a 5x5 grow tent?

4 cannabis plants or 10 small to medium-sized plants can fit in a 5x5 tent.

8) How many plants can fit in a 2x4 grow tent?

A 2x4 tent lets you grow 2-4 plants.

Buying at ShopGrowSpaces

The customer comes first: At ShopGrowSpaces, we put you, the customer, first. In fact, to that end, please feel free to read our customer reviews, and also please feel free to get in touch with us for any questions.

Lowest prices: We also offer the best prices available on the internet. In fact, if you're able to find a lower price somewhere else on the internet, in most cases, we will match that price.

Coupons: Besides this, we also offer coupons for first-time buyers, and also offer other types of coupons, which will generally get you the most affordable products for you.

Sales: On top of all this, we also run seasonal sales. So do look out for those as well!

Continued relationship: Once you've received your grow tent kits, the journey doesn't end there. In many ways, it's just beginning. At this point, you can reach out with any doubts or questions. We'll try and answer them as well as we can!

How are your Grow Lights and Grow Tent so much cheaper than the name brand grow light and tent systems?! What's the catch?"

Unlike retailers that carry these brands, we are a direct to factory retailer and source the products directly from the manufacture. This means that we're able to cut the middle men, purchase in enormous volumes that afford us the best possible price and pass those savings to you.

Our Top Grow Tent Kits

The grow tent kits that are listed here are a carefully curated set of kits that we've put together. These represent not only our top sellers but also the kits that we feel are the top tents in the market at the moment. They range from kits designed for the individual hobby grower to the serious professional grower while encompassing every need in between.

Do go through the list to see what works for you, and if, for some reason, you're not able to find what you need, please scroll down further for our full range of grow tent kits.

As always, please do get in touch if there are questions and queries regarding any of the products!

1. HighDroGro Dream Box 2.0 - Indoor Grow Tent Kit (up to 6 plants)

The HighDroGro Dream Box 2.0 is a product from the award-winning series of Indoor Grow Tents from HighDroGro. The Dream Box 2.0 Indoor Grow Tent Kit includes everything you need to grow up to six plants (including a carbon filter) – an all-in-one solution if you will.


2. SuperCloset SuperRoom Smart 9′ x 9′ Grow Tent Kit System

SuperCloset’s all-in-one, turn-key 9×9 Grow Room is an amazing product that makes growing simple. This kit is professionally built, using only the best equipment from the most recognized brands in the industry, and backed by outstanding professional lifetime support. Includes a carbon filter.


3. SuperCloset LED SuperRoom Smart 5 ft x 9 ft Grow Tent System

The all-in-one, turn-key 5x9 Grow Tent Kit system from SuperCloset makes gardening indoors easy and enjoyable! This gorilla grow tent super room package has been professionally crafted, employing only the finest technology from the best brands in the industry, and has got expert lifetime support. Includes a carbon filter.


4. Black Dog LED 5' x 5' x 7.2' Complete LED Grow Light Kit

We’ve joined forces with Black Dog LED and come up with the best package an LED grow tent setup. Each complete kit has got the best that the industry has to offer. Start with the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 100 or PhytoMAX-2 800 grow light and then go on to the Sun Hut Fortress Tent, and dozens of other top-shelf products. Includes a carbon filer.


5. Black Dog LED 4' x 4' x 7.2' Complete LED Grow Light Kit

Arm in arm with Black Dog LED, we’ve put together another package that removes all the guesswork behind picking a grow tent kit! This is a plug-and-play kit that just needs you to unbox and set up, and then you’re on your way to growing. Includes a carbon filter.