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Grow Tent Kits

ShopGrowSapces offers the best grow tents and grow kits with the most variety. Choose from grow lightshydroponic supplies, organic soil growing equipment, and much more. We offer LED Grow Tent KitsSoil Grow Kits and Hydroponic Grow Kits that can be customized to fit your needs. Email us or feel free to call for assistance.

Best Grow Tents and Grow Kits

Our grow tents are better designed and constructed with more features with quality brands . Our Grow Kits are simple to use, easy to set up and come with the toughest, most durable tents on the market. Choose from our wide variety of  grow tent kit deals, and get your indoor hydroponic garden or organic soil garden growing.

Popular Grow Tent Kits Include the Following Products:

  • Reflective grow tent
  • Powerful grow light
  • Mechanical or digital timer
  • Complete hydropnic system
  • Plant nutrients
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Circulation fan
  • Light hanging system
  • & much more


Every part of our grow tent kit are built to maintain a healthy and productive indoor garden. From the high quality and powerful lighting, to the helpful garden accessories, we've included all our favorite tools to make indoor gardening easy and productive. All You Need Indoor Grow Kit - Everything Necessary to Grow from Scratch!