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Harvest Right

Industry leading Harvest Right Freeze Dryers take the capabilities of a large commercial plant and package them into a device small enough to fit on your counter top – perfect for home freeze drying. Harvest Right's extensive line up of freeze dryers has the perfect solution for you, whether you’re freeze drying fruits, vegetables, food storage or any of your home freeze drying needs.

Financing available for all Harvest Right products

$4,595.00 $4,245.00

Harvest Right Large Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

$3,695.00 $3,415.00

Harvest Right Medium Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer


Freeze Dryer Trays


Harvest Right Oil Free Pump


Harvest Right Starter Kit

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Harvest Right Geodesic Greenhouse Kit 24ft

$2,995.00 Sold Out

Harvest Right Geodesic Greenhouse Kit 16ft

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