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What is a hydroponic grow cabinet?

A hydroponic grow cabinet or a grow box an indoor hydroponic system which uses grow cabinets for salestealthy way of cultivating plants. Grow cabinets and boxes are an ideal environment for plants growth, isolated from the rest of the house. Sealed environment of a hydroponincs grow box, allows a grower to easily fine tune things like humidity, temperature, and light. 

Hydroponic Grow Box Advantages

  • These grow cabinets contain your garden (including smells!) and maintain your privacy.
  • Hydroponic grow cabinet systems are more durable due to their wood construction
  • Generally, cabinet growing occupies less space than a grow tent,
  • Blend in with furniture and many times looks adds to the home decor

Why choose Shop Grow Space huge range of Hydroponic Grow Cabinets?

  • Cabinet grow provide stealth and control to growers.
  • They blend in as normal house furniture or look like a typical cabinet.
  • They have locks on them to prevent unwanted snooping on your plants or messing with the controls.
  • Ease of creating an environment conducive to strong, healthy plant growth in  Ventilation system allows you to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels and eliminates odors
  • Sealed environment prevents light leaks, and prevent light from getting in during dark periods. The
  • Reflective walls ensure all light is directed onto the canopy, and from various angles.
  •  Prevents pests from harming your plants!
  • Stealth Grow Cabinet allows you to cultivate up to 8 plants in a 15" x 24" x 66" space, like with the Super Closet SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet.

These grow boxes come plug and play, meaning you can start growing within a few hours of receiving your box system!

If you have any questions about growing in a cabinet or stealth grow box, reach out to our experienced growing staff at 1 (800) 351-5283 and let us answer your questions! 

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