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Janssens Greenhouses

Janssens Greenhouses are based out of Belgium. They have been building big industrial premier greenhouses, garden rooms, verandas, orangeries, conservatories, and much more since 1946. During this time, they’ve earned a reputation for producing well-designed, high-quality garden structures.

These high end glass greenhouses offers a top-quality space and also adds historic style and English charm to your backyard. Janssens's greenhouses improve the overall appearance as well as the indoor growth environment for their first release and maintain a lower price than comparable models within this class.

Janssens Greenhouses comes in different ranges.

With over years of experience, Janssens builds greenhouses that withstand vigorous climates while keeping their elegant design in mind at all times.

If our available models are not what you are looking for, have a look at the Janssens website. We can order any greenhouse from them. Keep in mind, this will take up to 6 months!

Janssens Greenhouses is a trusted name in the horticultural industry, and for good reason. However, due to extreme circumstances, Janssens Greenhouses are rarely available to ship fast, though turnaround times can range from several days to several weeks.

As a longtime authorized dealer, we accept orders, ensuring that you get your order in a timely fashion. You'll receive your order now for only 10%. So don't delay, order your Janssens Greenhouse today! . Please email or call 307)-284-3072. (Read More.)

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Janssens Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 Greenhouse 8ft x 13ft Janssens Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $1,483.00

Junior Victorian Greenhouse J-VIC24

$8,250.00 $9,733.00
You Save 15%
Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse VI 23- 8ft x 10ft Janssens Greenhouse
SALE $800.99

Exaco Royal Victorian VI 23 Glass Greenhouse ( 8ft x 10ft)

$7,999.00 $8,799.99
You Save 9%
Janssens Royal Victorian Drop-Door Kit Janssens Greenhouse Doors
SALE $70.00

Janssens Royal Victorian Drop-Door Kit

$399.90 $469.90
You Save 15%
Exaco Janssens Modern M23 Sloping Roof Greenhouse 8x10x9 ft Janssens Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $5,499.01

Exaco Janssens Modern M23 Sloping Roof Greenhouse 8x10x9 ft

$12,500.99 $18,000.00
You Save 31%

Choosing the Right Kind of Greenhouse: Glass Or Polycarbonate

Both these types of greenhouse (Victorian) offer distinct advantages. Depending on your needs, you can make the right choice.

  • Glass panels greenhouses let in a lot more direct light, whereas 10mm twin wall polycarbonate plastic lets in diffused light and are generally better for plant growth. Some plants do grow better in natural light.

  • A Glass greenhouse doesn't retain heat for long, whereas the double-wall construction of a polycarbonate greenhouse makes it a much better heat retainer. Again, depending on the plants you're growing and the weather in your town, one or the other can be better.

  • Greenhouses made out of glass tend to be more fragile, whereas a polycarbonate greenhouse is at risk of tearing and scratching and needs different treatment. That being said, a glass greenhouse require more maintenance compared to polycarbonate greenhouses.

  • Both of these greenhouses are neither overly easy nor too difficult to install.

Staff Recommendations

If you are situated in a particularly windy position, we would always advise that you select 4mm tempered glass for your Victorian Greenhouse as it offers far superior wind resistance to polycarbonate.

Top Reasons for Choosing Janssens Greenhouses

  • More strength: Larger, thicker, more robust specialist tubular aluminum profiles than those of any competitor in this price range. Tubular section design makes for a highly sturdy, weather-proof structure 

  • Stainless Steel Fittings: Consist of stainless steel fittings, making them rust proof

  • Taller design: 1 foot higher, which gives you more headroom and maximum usage of all space

  • Door Options: You can choose between pair of sliding door or hinged doors

  • Glazing: Choose between 4mm glass or 10mm Polycarbonate for most of their products, thus making the greenhouses very safe, impact-resistant, and offering excellent shading during summers

  • Significantly better insulated than other glass greenhouses because of heavy duty rubber seals, single-pane windows, and 4mm glass or 10mm Polycarbonate twin-walls

  • 6″ high foundation frame included – others usually cost extra

  • Ventilation: Roof vents with (automatic) openers and a louver window provide airflow

  • Misting system: Some have it already included

  • Door: Most Janssens greenhouses allow you to install the door in any vertical glass location (front, back, or sides)

  • Frame finish is applied electrostatically for a thicker application and better coverage

  • 13-Year Warranty: Longest Warranty in the Industry

  • Made in Belgium

Janssens Greenhouses are elegantly planned and spacious . They are reminiscent of the Victorian-style era, where classiness was in fashion. Janssens Greenhouses have a European-styled roof frame with large interiors and roof windows.

These classic pieces give you a place for anything you choose to plant. These Victorian model provide you with everything you need to grow your plants, flowers, herbs, and veggies.

Over the years, Janssen Greenhouse has earned a reputation for high-quality design and innovation. Janssens has been manufacturing greenhouses for more than 70 years, and are leading supplier of Royal Victorian Greenhouses, which takes you to the royal era.

Call us at 1 (800) 307-284-3072, and we can help with what size of the Greenhouse, covering, and a selection of accessories that meet your needs. If you have any questions, find a lower advertised price, or want to chat, CALL US. We are happy to help.