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Medium Size Greenhouse Kits

Medium size greenhouses are generally preferred by hobbyist growers that also want to grow some of their supplies for commercial uses. ShopGrowSpaces has gone to great lengths to ensure our customers have access to the quality range of greenhouse supplies.

Its very important to determine whether a greenhouse is small, medium or large quantitatively. Considering that every greenhouse has different widths and lengths, we, at ShopGrowSpaces, decided to use square feet as a measurement. Determining whether a greenhouse is small, medium or large is a subjective decision. 

How big is a medium size greenhouse ?

At ShopGrowSpaces we categorize all greenhouses with size 65-150 square feet under our medium size greenhouse collection. These handpicked greenhouses usually have access to all of the accessories for serious gardeners, who want to grow plenty veggies or fruits, as well as greenhouses for commercial and educational use. You will find all the greenhouses that we sell comes with FREE SHIPPING to the continental U.S. Please use the filter function below to choose a greenhouse of your choice. 

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Janssens Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 Greenhouse 8ft x 13ft Janssens Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $1,483.00

Junior Victorian Greenhouse J-VIC24

$8,250.00 $9,733.00
You Save 15%
Riverstone Monticello 8x8 Greenhouse Riverstone Ind. (RSI) Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $300.00

Riverstone Mont Black Greenhouse(8x8)

$3,049.99 $3,349.99
You Save 9%
Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse VI 23- 8ft x 10ft Janssens Greenhouse
SALE $800.99

Exaco Royal Victorian VI 23 Glass Greenhouse ( 8ft x 10ft)

$7,999.00 $8,799.99
You Save 9%
Mont 8x16 Greenhouse-Mojave Package Riverstone Ind. (RSI) Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $500.00

Riverstone Mont Black Mojave Greenhouse(8x16)

$7,199.99 $7,699.99
You Save 6%
Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse | 8 x 12 Riverstone Ind. (RSI) Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $250.00

Riverstone Mont Black Greenhouse(8x12)

$4,049.99 $4,299.99
You Save 6%
Hoklartherm Riga 4 Greenhouse (10X14) Exaco Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $400.00

Riga 4 Greenhouse (10X14)

$6,499.00 $6,899.00
You Save 6%
Riverstone Monticello Growers Edition Greenhouse 8ft X 16 ft Riverstone Ind. (RSI) Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $600.00

Riverstone Mont Growers Edition Greenhouse(8×16)

$8,099.99 $8,699.99
You Save 7%
Riverstone Monticello Growers Edition Greenhouse 8ft X 12 ft Riverstone Ind. (RSI) Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $600.00

Riverstone Mont Growers Edition Greenhouse(8×12)

$6,899.99 $7,499.99
You Save 8%
Mont 8 x 12 Greenhouse- Mojave Package Riverstone Ind. (RSI) Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $300.00

Riverstone Mont Black Mojave Greenhouse(8x12)

$6,699.99 $6,999.99
You Save 4%

How big of a medium size greenhouse do I need?

We always give customers the tip to buy one size larger than you planned. Remember that your plants will grow. That compact space you used to start the seeds will triple when plants are potted up. So be smart and think about the plants you want to plant before purchasing. However, we do understand that you might be a little hesitant to purchase a bigger greenhouse intially, so you will find that some of our greenhouses are extendable, so you will find you can also start with a small size and upgrade later on.

medium greenhouse kits

Why choose ShopGrowSpaces for your medium greenhouse needs?

Our range of medium greenhouse are used throughout the country and beyond by homeowners, educational facilities, scientists and commercial growers. We are committed to deliver only the highest-quality greenhouses at the lowest possible pricing. Our highest price greenhouse is $11,000

Not able to find the right medium greenhouse size?

Get in touch with us and we will find the perfect greenhouse kit for your greenhouses needs. 

Reasons Why You Should Get A Medium Greenhouse Kit

Here are some reasons for why a medium greenhouse kit is a must buy and fantastic addition to grow your garden


This is a great kit for anyone who wants to grow their own vegetables and fruits in their backyard, but doesn't want to spend a fortune. It's made of high quality materials that will last for years, so you'll be able to grow enough plants to get lots of use out of it.


It's ideal for people who have a little more space, but don't want to spend fortune on their greenhouse plants.

Price Range

Our medium greenhouse kit is the perfect size for gardening enthusiasts who want to grow all the veggies their family needs. It's also great for those who just need a little help getting started in their first garden.

The cost of each medium greenhouse kit varies depending on materials, the size and color of the materials used to construct it (which can vary from $3000 - $11,000).


The aesthetics of our medium greenhouse kit is not that different from the aesthetics of any other greenhouse. The main difference is that the medium greenhouse kit is smaller than other greenhouses, which means that you find you can use more materials in it in a more confined space.