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Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse Kits

The Monticello Greenhouse Kit . Made in USA, takes the heavy lifting from assembly with their patented attachment system which reduces hundreds of parts. Once the location has been prepped, it wouldn't take more than 2-3 to assemble. This would seem like a small price to pay, for a professional grade greenhouse that will last for years. The Montellico are professional grade hobby greenhouses, which are built to last.

The Monticello Greenhouse is designed and produced right here in the USA by Riverstone industries.

The Monticello Greenhouse comes in three different packages:

1. Standard Package

  • Built in Rain water / Gutter System
  • Automatic Roof Ventilation System
  • Dual Hinged Locking Doors

2. Premium Package

  • Standard Package
  • Work Bench System
  • Interior Shading System
  • Programmable Watering System
  • Greenhouse Potting Sink

3. Mojave Package

  • Standard Package
  • Thermostatically Controlled solar Powered Ventilation System
  • Solid tinted Roof Panels
  • Work Bench System
  • Programmable Watering System
  • Greenhouse Potting Sink
  • RSI Vegibee Mechanical Pollinator System

4. Grower Package

  • Standard Package
  • Electric Ventilation System with thermostat(standard)
  • Thermostatically Controlled solar Powered Ventilation System(optional)
  • Designed for growing plants that require high amounts of light
  • Light diffusing and privacy wall and roof panels
  • Programmable and customizable drip irrigation system
  • Folding Work Bench System
  • Thermostatically controlled commercial heating system(17,000 Btu)
  • Available in 12ft &16ft Aluminum Frame Only

Main Features of Monticello Greenhouse Packages:


  • Frame - extruded aluminum
  • Walls/ Roof - 8mm twin wall Polycarbonate
  • Integrated base - allows for direct anchoring to ground, decking

Quick Assembly

  • Twist & Lock nut & bolt fastening construction
  • Sturdy rigid "ribbed" design for quick interlocking assembly
  • Under 4 hours to assemble
  • Tools - Phillips screwdriver/ wrench


  • 7ft, 6 in high interior roof peak
  • 4 ft, 10 in wall height
  • 8 ft x 8 ft
  • 8 ft x 12 ft
  • 8 ft x 16 ft
  • 8 ft x 20 ft
  • 8 ft x 24 ft
  • 4 ft extensions


  • Silver
  • Black


  • Meets all UPS/ FedEx Ground requirements
  • 10 year product warranty

If you wondering about sturdiness of these structures, due the ease of construction, then rest assured you are in safe hands. These structures are built to last fool that will give the owner years of satisfaction. We are so sure of this that every Monticello Branded Greenhouse comes with a 10 year Warranty, the strongest in the industry. 

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