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Monticello Growers Edition Greenhouse

Monticello Growers Edition Greenhouse can help you support your cannabis gardening ventures by achieving your goals. Cannabis growing in a greenhouse is a reliable, protected and satisfying way to be self-sufficient in either recreational or medical marijuana.

You can easily manage the temperature inside your greenhouse with its commercial electric exhaust fan system with built-in louvers and the commercial thermostat. These models of greenhouses are more suitable to plant cannabis for a longer period of time compared to other greenhouses. Its 90in tall peak gives you more headroom and more natural airflow.

The twin-wall polycarbonate acts as a double pane window keeping cooler air in during warm months and insulating the greenhouse from cold air in the wintertime., thus drastically reducing the electricity bills. This is perfect for crops that need lots of sunlight in a secure setup.

The light-diffusing panels also offer such a high level of privacy that just eight inches away and you cannot see into the greenhouse. These panels create a more even light flow into the greenhouse creating a glow instead of a light beam effect for a more even light distribution for a longer period of time.

The Monticello has the strongest warranty in the industry (15 yrs.) on the frame and Polycarbonate. If you are looking for a quality greenhouse system that will supply years of hassle-free indoor gardening this is the greenhouse for you

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