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Riga XL Greenhouse Kits

Riga  XL Greenhouse kits are elegant and expertly crafted greenhouse which are created from Hoklartherm from Germany. These superior-quality greenhouses lasts for a long time and now are available in USA. They provide more possibilities and are more energy saving than other greenhouse kits. They initially cost more than an entry-level hobby greenhouse but on long term they tend to recoup the investment due to their performance. The heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum is the core of the RIGA XL’s endurance which is much more powerful than its competitors. With the 16mm polycarbonate and rubber seals, it can withstand the toughest climates. With one of the best insulation and the onion-shaped design, it can withstand even the hardest winter. It has been tested against gustiness of up to 100 mph and has never been swept away especially when properly secured to the ground. These greenhouse kits are ideal for cold climatic condtions.

Want to learn more about the Riga XL? Check out the below products. 

$14,500.00 $14,400.00

Hoklartherm Riga XL 8 Greenhouse 14x26

$15,999.00 $15,899.00

Hoklartherm Riga XL 9 Greenhouse 14x30

$13,999.00 $12,500.00

Hoklartherm Riga XL 7 Greenhouse 14x23

$10,999.00 $10,899.00

Hoklartherm Riga XL 6 Greenhouse 14x19

$9,499.00 $8,999.00

Hoklartherm Riga XL 5 Greenhouse 14 x 16

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