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Rosinbomb Rosin Press machines

Rosinbomb, a unit of Maverick Technology Solutions is a line of innovative rosin presses for efficient extraction of cannabis concentrates. They are committed to manufacturing the highest quality tools for cannabis businesses and consumers. 

Rosinbomb manufacturers range of personal & commercial rosin press machines that deliver the highest possible solventless yield. Press with the Best! You can operate them straight out of the box . With their advanced technology, rosin extraction will very easy and productivity will be optimized.

A rosin press is a tool that uses heat and pressure to extract cannabis concentrates. To use a rosin press, the cannabis material is placed into a small pouch or on a flat surface between two heated plates. 

The plates are then pressed together, applying heat and pressure to the cannabis material. This causes the resin glands in the cannabis to rupture and release the concentrated oils, which can then be collected. 

If you’re looking for high-quality and state-of-the-art rosin presses and other products for your cannabis extraction, you are on the right page!

Rosinbomb is build to make clean, good concentrates at home. Rosinbomb team value ease of use and discretion. Their units are small but mighty and the quietest on the market.

Collection of Rosinbomb Presses 

A new way to extract rosin from flowers and leaves is here! Our collection of RosinBomb presses offers a safe and easy way to extract rosin from flowers and leaves, using high-pressure Rosin presses.

The revolutionary technology from Maverick Technology solutions can make you save up to 50% of rosin savings per gram. These rosin presses are made explicitly for consumers and even business owners engaged in creating pure and organic rosin concentrates. 

From flower bags, sift bags, small tools, and a variety of rosin presses, you can shop all your cannabis needs from our collection below!

Rosinbomb Rosin Press Lineup

Rosinbomb Rocket Rosin press

Rosinbomb Rocket is an entry-level compact machine that you can easily fit in a backpack. As this machine only weighs 13 lbs, it makes this rosin press very convenient to carry, so you can make quality rosin wherever you go. Rosinbomb Rocket might seems like a small machine, but it’s quite powerful and can apply more than 1,500 lbs of force, which can process up to 5 grams of cannabis hash.


Rosinbomb M60

The M60 is the another awesome Rosinbomb rosin press. The technology behind it,i.e. Flow Channel Technology, allow you to press continuously without stopping to collect the yield. The extract flow naturally from the FDA-approved diamond-hard coated press plates and gather to the non-stick food-grade collection trays. Weighing 60 lbs and 17 inches in height, the Rosinbomb M-60 can apply more than 6,000 lbs of force and squash up to 15 grams of material per press. Each press will give you a yield of up to 20%

If you are an enthusiast or a small to medium-size business and looking for 100%  smoother, quieter, organic and solventless extraction, the Rosinbomb rosin presses are your perfect machines for fast and easy extraction of quality rosin.

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