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Small Greenhouse Kits

Our Small Greenhouse Kits are the perfect solution for the hobbyist grower who have smaller grow needs. 

Measuring the size of a greenhouse is very important, and use square feet as our unit of measurement. This will allow you to accurately determine whether a particular greenhouse is small, medium, or large.

ShopGrowSpaces has gone to great lengths to ensure our customers have access to the very distinct greenhouse supplies. With our small size greenhouses, you can be assured that you are getting the best quality supplies.

How much is a small greenhouse

We, at ShopGrowSpaces, decided to use square feet as a measurement for our Greenhouse Kits. Greenhouses upto 65 square feet under our greenhouse kit small collection. Our small Greenhouse Kit is the perfect size for anyone who wants to start their own gardening or greenhouse project. With easy-to-follow instructions, our small Greenhouse Kit is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Whether you're looking to grow your own fruits and vegetables or just wanting to add some color to your backyard, our small Greenhouse Kit is the perfect solution.

How big of a small size greenhouse do I need?

We always give the tip to buy one size larger than you planned. Small greenhouses offer a great solution for limited space. Some of them are mainly used for extending your growing season. Remember that your plants will grow. That compact space you used to start the seeds will triple when plants are potted up. So be smart and think about the plants you want to plant before purchasing. However, we do understand that you might be a little hesitant to purchase a bigger greenhouse intially, so you will find that some of our greenhouses are extendable, so you can also start with a small size and upgrade later on.

large greenhouse kits

Our small greenhouses are the best way to start your new garden, and you can use it year-round! It's easy to assemble and comes with everything you need: seeds, soil, fertilizer, a watering can… even a pair of gardening gloves.

Once you're done setting up your greenhouse, all that's left to do is plant your seeds and watch them grow! With these small greenhouses , you'll be able to grow anything from tomatoes to cucumbers to roses. It really doesn't matter what kind of plants you have in mind—this kit will help them thrive!

Why choose ShopGrowSpaces for your small greenhouses needs?

Our small greenhouses are perfect for hobbyist growers who want to get the most out of their plants. Our kits are made from high-quality materials and come with everything you need to get started. We're committed to offering the best prices on small greenhouse kits, so you can be sure you're getting a great deal when you purchase from us. Order your greenhouse kit today and start enjoying the benefits of growing your own plants!

Not able to find the right small greenhouse size?

Get in touch with us and we will find the perfect greenhouse kit for your greenhouses needs. 

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Riverstone Monticello 8x8 Greenhouse Riverstone Ind. (RSI) Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $300.00

Riverstone Mont Black Greenhouse(8x8)

$3,049.99 $3,349.99
Juwel Year-Round Cold Frame 4ft x 2ft Cold Frame+Dark Brown Raise Bed Exaco cold frame
SALE $50.99

Juwel Year-Round Cold Frame 4ft x 2ft

$249.00 $299.99
SAVE 17%
Juwel Timber Raised Bed Exaco cold frame
SALE $60.09

Juwel Timber Raised Bed

$259.90 $319.99
SAVE 19%
Juwel Raised Bed with Cover Exaco cold frame
SALE $30.04

Juwel Raised Bed with Cover

$219.95 $249.99
SAVE 12%
Juwel BioStar 1500 Premium Cold Frame 5ft x 3ft Exaco cold frame
SALE $19.05

Juwel BioStar 1500 Premium Cold Frame 5ft x 3ft

$449.95 $469.00
Juwel Easy-Fix Double Cold Frame Exaco cold frame
SALE $50.99

Juwel Easy-Fix Double Cold Frame

$199.00 $249.99
SAVE 20%
Riverstone Monticello Growers Edition Greenhouse 8ft X 8 ft Riverstone Ind. (RSI) Hobby Greenhouse
SALE $650.00

Riverstone Mont Growers Edition Greenhouse(8×8)

$6,199.99 $6,849.99

Reasons Why You Should Get a Small Greenhouse Kit

Here are some reasons why you should get a small greenhouse kit for your garden:


The quality of the materials in our small greenhouse kits are second to none. We use only the highest quality materials. Our greenhouse kits are constructed using advanced technology that ensures that they are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.

We're proud to offer you a product that is built to last, so you can enjoy your garden for years to come!


The small greenhouse kits are a great option for anyone who wants to grow their own plants but only has a little space. It's also great for those who live in areas where it gets especially cold in the winter, and you don't want your plants to freeze!

If you're looking for something that will fit in a smaller space, or if you want something that will protect your plants from extreme weather conditions, this is the kit for you!

Price Range

Our small greenhouse kits ranges from $199 to $6,199.99, depending on the size and where it is sent from.


The little greenhouse kit is intended to have a clean, modern style. It can be put in any outside area, whether a backyard or a balcony in a city. High-quality materials are used to construct greenhouses so that they can survive a variety of weather situations.