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Solexx Greenhouse Kits

Designed for efficiency, Solexx hobby greenhouses make you to get the most use out of your greenhouse, even for small greenhouses. ShopGrowSpaces is proud to be an authorized Solexx Greenhouse Dealer. These diy Solexx Greenhouse kits have unique composite framing which gives you years of service with absolutely no maintenance required.  These greenhouse kits come with easy assembly the greenhouse kit and with no foundation required. The panels distribute an evenly diffused light for optimal plant growth.

$129.99 $108.00

Solexx Greenhouse Flooring


Solexx Black Shade Cloth

$159.99 $120.90

Solexx Black 50% Shade Cloth

$4,675.00 $4,199.00

Solexx 8ft x 16ft Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse G-216

$2,984.00 $2,726.00

Solexx 8ft x 8ft Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse G-208

$3,817.00 $3,486.00

Solexx 8ft x 12ft Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse G-212

$6,432.00 $5,815.00

Solexx 8ft x 24ft Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse G-224

$3,228.00 $2,999.00

Solexx 8ft x 8ft Garden Master Greenhouse G-508

$5,238.00 $4,822.00

Solexx 8ft x 16ft Garden Master Greenhouse G-516

$4,205.00 $3,979.00

Solexx 8ft x 12ft Garden Master Greenhouse G-512

$7,336.00 $6,792.00

Solexx 8ft x 24ft Garden Master Greenhouse G-524