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Super Closet is leading producer of best indoor hydroponic grow cabinets and vertical growing systems in the world. Made in San Francisco, which provides the perfect environment for Super Closet; it combines innovative and imaginative ideologies with progressive methods of harvesting local, sustainable, and organic products! 

SuperCloset, also known as SuperPonics, is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains a perfect A+ rating, surpassing any other company in the hydroponics industry. SuperCloset is known as the leading manufacturer of Automated Superponic Grow Systems and Grow Boxes in the world. Supercloset have won several awards for their innovating and revolutionary designs and are continually researching ways to build upon our already successful systems! SuperCloset is dedicated to spreading the incredible advantages of growing hydroponically and harvesting local and sustainable foods and herbs. Growing your own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices is one of the best ways to help our environment, as well as your health. Super closet range of custom closed turnkey indoor horticultural cabinets for the indoor hobby horticulturalist includes- Fully automated grow cabinets, compete grow rooms, grow kits and hydroponic systems.

Based in beautiful San Francisco, California, Super Closet is home to the best Indoor Hydroponic Grow Cabinets and Vertical Growing Systems in the World. San Francisco provides the perfect environment for SuperCloset; combining innovative and imaginative ideologies with progressive methods of harvesting local, sustainable, and organic products! We’re right at home in the Bay!

Founded by CEO Kip Andersen in 2002, literally in his garage, SuperCloset has quickly become the industry leader within the Hydroponic Grow Cabinet and Indoor Gardening Community. They have a highly trained and seasoned crew that works around the clock to ensure the highest quality cabinets and fully automated SuperPonics and VerticalPonics systems possible.

In addition to being the ONLY Better Business Bureau accredited member with an A+ rating in their industry (as of October 2010), they are also the winner of 2008’s Best Cabinet of the Year award, Best Overall System in 2009, and Best Budget Grow Box for their SuperLocker Grow Cabinet in 2010. With all of these accolades, their reputation quite obviously precedes them. Supercloset work 1-on-1 with all of their customers ensuring that their needs and expectations are exceeded with effectiveness and efficiency.

Financing available on all Supercloset equipment.

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SuperCloset LED Trinity Smart Grow Closet System

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SuperCloset LED SuperLocker Smart Grow Cabinet

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SuperCloset SuperRoom Smart 9′ x 9′ Grow Tent Kit System