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Victorian Greenhouse; Top Victorian Greenhouses

Exaco Janssens Victorian Greenhouse -

During the Victorian era in erstwhile England, Victorian greenhouses were prevalent among the nobility and upper classes. During the Victorian era, greenhouses were regarded as the epitome of horticultural excellence, with enthusiastic botanists constructing elaborate and expansive structures and gardens that reflected their wealth and status.

Nowadays, a Victorian greenhouse is considered to be the perfect blend of elegance and quality materials.

A Victorian greenhouse in your garden and home adds a historic beauty of the old country style, a touch of glamour if you will. As they were a symbol and sign of status, these luxurious greenhouses were soon found in many traditional Victorian-era gardens. And today, modernized versions of these styles of greenhouses can be found in many a type of gardens all over the world.

We are proud to bring you some of the best victorian greenhouses out there.

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But What Is A Victorian Greenhouse Exactly?

A Victorian greenhouse design has some core design attributes

  1. Steep roof: A steep roof at an angle of 45 degrees helps with the transmission of light and more importantly, gives the greenhouse that extra bit of height. Specimen plants such as peach trees or banana plants love the additional room both for physical and environmental reasons. The greater height allows for supplemental air inside the space, thus resulting in a more natural and stable atmosphere within the greenhouse.

  2. Period features: As expected, a Victorian greenhouse has period features. For example, some have cast aluminum spandrels at both the eaves and the ridge. These add both strength and style and give that high-class effect to your garden.

  3. Glass panels: Traditionally, a Victorian greenhouse may have had narrower glass panels than the now-standard 2ft wide panels. However, the modern grower knows that abundant light transmission is more desirable. So, most of the Victorian greenhouses today have narrow glazing on the gable ends (for that classic Victorian era look) and broader 3ft wide panels along the length for better-growing conditions.

Top Reasons to Have A Victorian Greenhouse

  • Built to last: Victorian greenhouses are built to be strong and permanent, and to resist high winds and snowfall all year round.

  • Stunning design: They are beautiful and are a classic addition to any space while combining style and function.

  • Extra height: The extra height from the steep roof is extremely useful for most plants and home growers.

  • Glass and Polycarbonate: There are multiple options to choose from between glass and polycarbonate Victorian greenhouses.


Janssens Greenhouse supplied by Exaco -

Choosing the Right Kind of Greenhouse: Glass Or Polycarbonate

Each type of Victorian greenhouse provides unique benefits, so selecting the one that best suits your requirements is essential.

  • Glass greenhouses let in a lot more direct light whereas polycarbonate plastic lets in diffused light, and is generally better for plant growth. Having said that, some plants do grow better in direct light.

  • Glass greenhouses don't retain heat for long, whereas the double-wall construction of a polycarbonate greenhouse makes it a much better heat retainer. Again, depending on the plants that you're growing, and the weather in your town, one or the other can be better.

  • Glass greenhouses tend to be more fragile, whereas a polycarbonate greenhouse is at risk of tearing and scratching and needs extra treatment. That being said, glass greenhouses require more maintenance compared to polycarbonate greenhouses.

  • The cost of glass greenhouses and polycarbonate greenhouses can vary based on the source and quality of the material.

  • Both glass greenhouses and polycarbonate greenhouses are neither overly easy nor too difficult to install.

Exaco and Janssens Victorian Greenhouses at

If you've ever admired Victorian greenhouses, chances are you've come across one manufactured by both Exaco and Janssens. Since 1946, Janssens, a Belgian manufacturer, has been constructing stunning Victorian greenhouses in their cutting-edge facility. Exaco, on the other hand, is the supplier that brings these exquisite, traditional greenhouses to the USA.

At ShopGrowSpaces, we offer these greenhouses to you, our valued customers! In the US, the product name may display either Exaco or Janssens, as they are used interchangeably. Regardless, you can rest assured that you're receiving top-quality Victorian greenhouses at unbeatable prices, along with exceptional customer support.

Our Top Victorian Greenhouses

1. Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 96 Square Foot Greenhouse

Experience year-round gardening in the perfect environment provided by the Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 Greenhouse. With toughened glass panels, sleek black aluminum profiles, an 8 ft. 2 in. high roof, and 5 ft. sidewalls, this gorgeous glass greenhouse (Victoria) provides 96 sq. ft. of internal workspace for equipment and a full view of the surrounding area.


2. Janssens Junior Victorian J-VIC 23 Greenhouse 8ft x 10ft

Janssens, a renowned manufacturer from Belgium, has designed and engineered the top-of-the-line Janssens Victorian J-VIC 23 Greenhouse. Its features include a timber frame, 3" extension, 4 mm tempered glass windows, a sliding door, and two roof windows. The substantial rubber seals provide better insulation and secure the glass windows in place.


3. Exaco Junior Orangerie Greenhouse (13X10)-J-ORA

The Exaco Junior Orangerie Greenhouse provides a stunning and efficient environment to nurture and safeguard your plants throughout the year. Whether you desire to pursue your indoor hobbies or host social events, the Junior Victorian Orangerie is ideal, offering a classic English greenhouse design that adds elegance to your garden, while incorporating contemporary insulation and functionality.


4. Exaco VI 36 glasshouse, 200 sq. ft. Royal Victorian Vi 36 Greenhouse

Janssens' Royal Victorian VI 36 Greenhouse from the "Helios" line stands out as a top-notch greenhouse. It offers excellent insulation and modern technology while retaining its classic English design. Since its initial release, the VI 36 has undergone several improvements to enhance its internal growing environment. Remarkably, Janssens has managed to maintain an affordable price point compared to similar models in the segment. The greenhouse comes in three sizes and is suitable for outdoor and various residential applications.


5. Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 25 120 Square Foot Greenhouse

Similar to the J-VIC 24, the Junior Victorian J-VIC 25 Greenhouse provides an all-year gardening experience indoors. The 120 sq. ft. interiors are encased by beautiful black aluminum profiles, tempered glass panels, 5 ft. sidewalls.

This glass greenhouse stands tall at its full height of 8 ft. 2 in. and gives one a great view of one's surroundings and outdoors while working comfortably in its ample interiors.


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