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Victorian Greenhouses

Victorian greenhouses

Victorian Greenhouses are inspired from Victorian era, which is considered golden age for the greenhouses. Victorian era saw extensive glasshouses being built by rich and ambitious botanists, who competed to construct detailed buildings, a sign of prosperity and status. Victorian greenhouses are an eclectic mix of elegance, royalty and historic beauty.

Having a Victorian Greenhouse in your backyard not only adds essential old fashion and glamour to your backyard, but also gives a first-class quality environment. Made out of timber and wrought iron, the Victorian greenhouses models were a status symbol – a staple in many traditional English gardens. Today, modernized versions of these style of greenhouses can be found in a wide range of gardens, both big and small, all over the world.

It's challenging to establish whether the Victorians invented the greenhouse, but they certainly made the best greenhouses ever. Victorian greenhouses have a number of central design features that are still sought after by growers today: a steep roof of 45 degrees helps the light transmission and crucially, gives more height in the greenhouse. Specimen plants such as peach trees or banana plants love the extra height both for physical reasons and environmental; the extra height creates more air and a more stable atmosphere within the greenhouse.

Victorian models also tend to have period features. For example, some of the Victorian greenhouses have cast aluminium spandrels at both the eaves and the ridge. These add both strength and style to this kind of greenhouse.

Traditionally Victorian models may have had narrower glass panels than the now standard 2ft wide panels, however, the modern grower knows the value of high light transmission, so most of the the Victorian greenhouses have narrow glazing on the gable ends (for a victorian look) and wider 3ft wide panels along the length for better growing conditions.

Top Reasons for choosing a Victorian Greenhouse

  • Victoria Greenhouses are exceptionally strong greenhouses created to stand the test of time.
  • Glass Greenhouses are luxurious, beautiful and permanent.
  • Extra height in the greenhouses gives a feeling of ample space .
  • Their combination of style and function gives a classic environment for gardening
  • A glass greenhouse is a breathtaking addition to your garden space.
  • Multiple options for choosing between glass and poly-carbonate greenhouses due to protection from sun.

Top Benefits of Victorian greenhouses

Ample space

Victorian greenhouses can be treated as extension of your house. These greenhouses can be used in variety of uses like as dining rooms, playrooms or living rooms. It can also be a place where you can welcome guests or as a parlour room.

Uplift's mood

In today's fast paced lifestyle, it's very important to slow down and appreciate what life has to offer.  These greenhouses provide a silent space amidst the greenery to slow down things. These greenhouses are not only a satisfaction to look at and a fun to work within, but also it allows you to relax in the daylight even though it is a bit cool outside. 

Add's value to home

 Having a well-built Victorian greenhouse can actually appreciate the value of your house and can earn a good profit, if when, you decide to sell your house in future. 

Controlled enivronment

Victorian greenhouses allow people to outwit the seasons by growing plants in controlled environment. The extra height generates more air and a more stable atmosphere. Each Victorian Greenhouse is designed to provide many years of fruitful life by using the best equipment and the most up-to-date technology.

Charm of growing

Nothing can beat a charm of growing vegetables or flowers in a glass greenhouse. Glass Victorian greenhouses not only complete your garden, but also a joy to look at and a pleasure to work within.

Which Style of Greenhouse to Choose- Glass or Polycarbonate?

  • Glass greenhouses lets in a lot more direct light whereas polycarbonate plastic distorts the light that it lets in, which is called diffuse light, which are better for plant growth
  • Glass greenhouses don't retain heat for long, whereas double wall construction of a polycarbonate greenhouse makes it a much better heat retainer.
  • Glass greenhouses tend to be more fragile, whereas a polycarbonate greenhouse is at risk of tearing and scratching and needs extra treatment.
  • A glass greenhouse requires more maintenance compared to a polycarbonate greenhouse.
  • Cost of glass and polycarbonate greenhouses can vary based on the source and quality of the material. A handy grower can save a good deal of money by building their own greenhouse, which can be difficult and requires skills, but as previously mentioned, this can be difficult and requires some skill.
  • Both Glass greenhouses and polycarbonate greenhouses are neither overly easy nor difficult to install. Greenhouse design is a very personal decision to make. Glass and Polycarbonate greenhouses have their own pros and cons.

It'a highly recommended to do a through research before making a purchase decision for your first Victorian Greenhouse.

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Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC24 96 Square Foot Greenhouse

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Janssens Junior Victorian J-VIC 23 Greenhouse 8ft x 10ft

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Janssens T-Shaped Junior Victorian Orangerie 10ft x 13ft

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Exaco VI 36 200 sq. ft. Royal Victorian Vi 36 Greenhouse

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Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 25 120 Square Foot Greenhouse

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Janssens Royal Victorian VI 23 Greenhouse 8ft x 10ft

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Exaco Trading Royal Victorian VI 46 Greenhouse

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Exaco EOS Royal Antique Victorian Greenhouse White T

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Exaco Royal Victorian Orangerie Greenhouse

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Janssens T-Shaped Royal Victorian Antique Orangerie 13ft x 16ft

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