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Janssens Royal Victorian VI 36 Greenhouse 10ft x 20ft

My wife loves her new greenhouse. We had family come, and help to put it together. It looks beautiful in our back yard. It is also strong and sturdy.

High quality greenhouse - epic failure on directions

The greenhouse materials and construction are of very high quality and almost all were exactly manufactured. Except for the hinged doors where 7 of 8 of the inserts that hold the glass in place had to be recut to fit properly. The totally fall on their faces when it comes to the “instruction” manual. It is worse than awful. No instructions at all are provided, just a bunch of disorganized cartoons. In many cases they are not even ordered properly. The YouTube video is not any better and repeats a few steps multiple times. Does anyone even proofread this stuff. I wasted at least a full day (8 hrs) reworking and in some cases re-engineering. So many steps are missed in the cartoons or are in the wrong order. I love the greenhouse but I will never buy another thing from Exaco. They are solely responsible for the “instruction manual”. They should be embarrassed.

A kluge.

Not made for this greenhouse and is a klutzy solution. Mounts in a very conspicuous location (gable panel) with a cheap piece of lexan. Not painted to match the greenhouse framing ( it is bright silver in color). Totally ruins the high quality look of the greenhouse. Also useless if mounted where indicated. Provides for no circulation of air in the greenhouse. It just vents the cool air from the roof vents right back out again leaving the rest of the greenhouse stagnant. Wait, what? Lastly, once you are completely finished assembling the greenhouse, you have to disassemble the gable window to install this thing. Ridiculous! Save your $497! I sent it back for a refund.

Almost Good but not quite

Door frame is good but Lock mechanism is cheap and unlikely to last long. Because the door comes only with a top latch on the passive door, the whole thing rattles when opened or closed. A bottom latch would help greatly. Silly omission in my opinion.

Great light

This is probably the best light you can get at this price point.

Great led

Did the research Love the product would buy again and recommend to others hands-down.

NextLight Mega Pro Lights

I ordered 2 NextLight Mega Pro lights and they were received very fast. They are sturdy and look great. The controller is a must. I can't wait to see the results at harvest time. Looking good at seven days under the light in flower.

One bucket is cracked at the bottom and can't be used. I need a replacement.

Photontek x 600 pro

The photontek x 600 pro is absolutely killing it !!! You can believe the hype on this one lady's and gents....
I like to thank ShopGrowSpaces for the fast discreet shipping 🚢 👍🤙

Mars Hydro FC-E4800 LED Grow Light
Great Light!

The Mars Hydro FC-E4800 is a great light for a 4x4 grow space. It's easily put together and durable.

Love it

It's the best possible light that can be chosen! It's a little pricey but definitely worth the buck!!!🙌

Roi e680s

Sturdier construction, better places to hang light from on new design, has a twist knob on each end to hold light in open position, it’ll take a few weeks to see how the plants like it, so far I’m happy with new build.

Great light very happy with purchase

Great light very happy with my purchase from shop grow spaces
Thanks Dave

Excellent service excellent product

HLG 350R Full-Spectrum LED
Great light and customer service

Great light, my plants absolutely love it, along with great customer service and speedy shipping. 10/10

Super Flower

I ordered the Super Flower Unit in April. I just harvested my first grow. It was the best flower I have ever smoked. What ever unit you buy make sure you upgrade and buy the Bluelab Guardian Monitor. McMahon and Miles are kick ass. They were there all the time for my stupid questions. Also whichever one your thinking of buying . Buy the next size bigger. It's a awesome unit.
(Review taken from Supercloset Site)

This is my second grow system from…

This is my second closet system from Supercloset, and I am just as pleased, or actually more so, than I was in the past. I have upgraded to the Trinity System, which is awesome! SC had good communications, indicating receipt of order, status, etc., And, as it approached ship time McMahon from sales (sp?) personally helped me by checking to see things were on track. The closets arrived beautifully, and carefully packed, and when I opened them for the first time to access the components, it was like Christmas come early.

The setup instructions that SC supplied were clear and well explained, so even a first time grower could assemble the units properly. I had a great time putting in all the pumps, and lights, and other gizmos, and I look forward to enjoying a new hobby. Thanks Supercloset!!
((Review taken from Supercloset Site)

I would like to share my personal…Thumbs up

I would like to share my personal experience with Super Closet. I had never grown anything other than a tomato outside. I was really skeptical about spending that much money on something I knew nothing about. I pondered and read a lot about the company. Spoke with a gentleman they call“McMann”. He assured me this was a legit product. I waited a week or so before calling back. When I called back, I was able to reach Mr. McMann and not some computer generated message system. I pulled the trigger on a SuperStar cabinet. McMann assured me he would walk me every step of the way.

I’ve been growing for about a year now. The Flower I grow has been something like you would see in High Times. I still can’t believe the product my wife and I have put out of the cabinet. So I just want to let anyone who might be on the fence about buying or if you can do it with zero experience. Go for it! The customer service and grow support is for life, that’s worth a ton to me. Anyways McMann , Perrin, thank you guys for helping me become Dr. Green Thumb.

(Review taken from Supercloset Site)

My Superbox has been great

My Superbox has been great! My grow is going well and everything was easy to get set up and running. I will admit that I had an equipment problem but Debbie Ferrin, my grow associate, was right there with a more than satisfactory solution. I recommend Super closet for anyone looking for a plug and play growing experience.
(Review taken from Supercloset Site)

Riga xl 7 greenhouse

One of the best greenhouses you will ever buy. Quality built, great for growing or wintering plants due to triple wall polycarbonate and sheds ice and snow well. Dave at shopgrowspaces was very great at helping me through the whole process. What customer service should be. Thank you Dave!

HLG 350R Full-Spectrum LED

This was the second HLG 350r I ordered because I loved the first one so much. These lights are super bright, have really good light penetration, and run super cool, the ladies absolutely love them. I couldn’t recommend this light enough.


Immediately upon opening, the attention to detail in packing is 2nd to none. The build quality is absolutely TOP NOTCH, and assembly is just stupid easy.. Turned my 2 mars hydro setup into the space age with this incredible beauty. WEAR EYE PROTECTION! I'll update when harvest arrives

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