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MD freeze dryer review

Easy to use - pretty self explanatory. Works like they say it does. Not complicated. Nicely packed and shipped. Heavy unit - does require 2-3 people to lift and move. Quality materials !

Gorgeous fit and finish

If I didn’t know to expect it, I would knock a star for the subpar instructions - they are lacking. But, if you watch the videos before doing anything and read: the spiral bound instructions, the thicker stapled pamphlet instructions, and the sheets that come with each accessory, it can be done without error as I did. The only thing apart from directions, if I had to complain about any of the hardware, are the roof window “automatic” openers are kind of fickle.

That’s out of the way, nothing else to complain about. I’m a lawyer by trade, but grew up on a farm and am quite handy. With the foundation installed, it took me 26 hours to assemble (working solo from bang to buck in 90F temps in the shade). I could have gone faster but for the heat. We’re you to have at least a helper and work in spring/fall temps, I imagine you could knock off about 8 hours - but the roof, which took at least 9 hours on its own, is something that really goes one panel at a time and can be tedious.

My wife loves it, the interior space is great (and perfect for her), and it looks AMAZING. We are using it half as a proper greenhouse and half to house a Jacuzzi.

I was originally going to use 6x6’s or poured concrete footers in sonotubes as a foundation to keep ground space open inside, but after contacting the manufacturer (who was tremendously helpful and fast to respond - seriously, if you have problems, reach out to them) it was noted that with any sort of wood, the greenhouse would outlive the foundation, and I decided if I was going to pour concrete I would do it right. So over about three weeks (again, all solo from shoveling to removing the forms, so it took a bit) I dug out and leveled a 21x11 space, plumbed in electric and water, added crushed stone and a moisture barrier, set up forms and fiberglass rebar (“pinkBAR”), had a truck drop 5 cubic yards for a 6.5” slab, and salt finished it). It was a bit of work, at least as much as the greenhouse itself, but to be certain the solid foundation made the assembly much easier. If you have the time and are able bodied to do so, this can absolutely be done by the homeowner and solo.

Enjoying my freeze dryer!

I purchased a medium white/premium pump machine. I purchased it for mainly use with my small business that I do freeze dried candies and goods. It arrived within 6-8 weeks by FedEx freight. The machine arrived in perfect condition and the setup was easy! It took about 20 minutes to set up and I was getting ready to toss a batch in! It came with everything I needed including a heat sealer for the mylar bags, oil for the pump, mylar bags to get you started and quite a few other things! The directions were easy to follow and customer service has been nothing but a big help from the time I ordered until now. I'm currently on my 4 th batch and I just got my machine 5 days ago! Would definitely recommend this company and these machines for home, business or any use needed. Will be buying another machine within a year!

Diablo vs gavita vs Amazon

I recently bought a few leds. I got 2 top shelf , and one cheap. The Diablo is leaps and bounds better. I don’t know much about the lights. But my plants LOVE them. The Diablo is tighter, greener, faster than any of the others.

My retirement gift to myself

The greenhouse is great! The support and service are great! The hard part of the job was the bluestone floor. This is a beautiful addition to our house and garden.

100% satisfied.

Hey John! This is fantastic. The Greenhouse looks lovely. I am sure the love and hardwork with which you build this greenhouse, will also show in the plants you grow in it. Please do share your grow stories with us, as we love to hear transformation stories:)

Looking good in Duluth, MN

Just putting together my wonderful greenhouse. I need to add the blade but looking good so far?

Hey Steven!
Thank you for the lovely feedback and taking out time to shot a video of it
The greenhouse looks great. Please keep us updated on the grow you produce. I am sure, the greenhouse will look more lovely, once it's populated with plants :)

Stable, solid, and beautiful--just not so easy to put together.

I purchased this greenhouse kit after quite a lot of research into different models and prices, for two reasons: it looked beautiful and it was designed to be stable in the face of high winds, something that we experience from time to time in Houston. ShopGrowSpaces was an excellent company to work with: their employees provided valuable advice, and helped track the journey of the kit from Europe to the long holding pattern of ships outside the Port of Houston to my door.
It is indeed beautiful and solid. Just what I wanted.
The assembly was difficult, and I was forewarned. You do need to do a lot of work on the foundation, and measure and measure again. That's what makes it stable. The parts are complicated and it simply takes time to get it together. My experienced handyman took on the job and was able to get it done.
Not so good: I actually wonder why the parts are not labeled in some way. There are lots of parts, and finding them is something less than easy. Simple labels (small stickers) would make the process a lot easier. For those of you wondering whether this is just a random complaint, please do look at the installation manual and you will see what I mean.
Not so good: my handyman is quite experienced, which means that he moves carefully and deliberately, which is what I wanted: DO NOT RUSH THE JOB, because you will inevitably use the wrong part. Check and double check everything. But that means that it's pretty much impossible to get the job done in 1-2 days. Try more like 6-7. The foundation alone will take 2 days, maybe more depending on whether you can get everything dug, rebar laid, cement poured and dried, and form removed in only two days--something less than likely. The braces will require holes to be drilled into metal (doable if you have the tools), and other complications arise. Again, you can try to rush it--but it's better to be realistic, deliberate, and careful to avoid creating more work for yourself.

So all in all, I give this a thumbs up, and would probably go with this product AND THIS COMPANY again. If the alternative is easy to build with cheap plastic, it simply won't be a pretty part of your garden--and it won't survive a major wind event. If you go with a company that builds in place, the cost will be much higher for material and construction. But don't assume that the instructions are easy or that it can be built quickly.

Hey Peter!
Thank you for such a lovely review. It's feedback's like these, helps to continue doing good work. We will also share your feedback about assembly instructions with our supplier( Exaco).
Happy Growing

Very happy with the final outcome.

I am so excited about my greenhouse now that it is difficult for me to not talk about it, text about it, or email about it. Although the upgraded model was much more difficult (and expensive) to build, it was so well worth it. Then my husband got into the act so it is wired for internet, weather station, electric and I have plumbing…water. Thank you for all your help during the process

Royal Victorian Antique Orangerie Greenhouse

LOVE my Orangerie Victorian Greenhouse! Took about 8 full days to build once the foundation slab was in. Instructions could use a lot of work but you can basically follow them. The greenhouse itself is really well engineered and goes together well. Very sturdy and looks BEAUTIFUL!

Yes! I recommend this product.

Our vi34 Storm Survivor

Wanted to share a survival story of our (vi34) greenhouse. We just got pounded with apple size hail in a severe unexpected storm. Attached are a couple pictures of the hail – it looks like big Covid – and a picture of the green house intact after the storm. One of our cars was damaged and we need to have the house roof inspected, but not one crack in the glass greenhouse. Amazing.

Yes! I recommend this product.

Last year's tomato crop in my west Riga greenhouse

The 2017 tomato crop was the must successful I've ever had. Our first harvest was April 30, and a plentiful supply continued until January 4. From the two Rigas we harvested close to 700 pounds of tomatoes, some of which were consumed fresh and most of which were juiced, canned, dried, or otherwise preserved for winter use. The indeterminate plants in the west greenhouse were each more than 26 feet long when I removed them in January.

I tried a new approach for plant support in the west Riga. I've included a succession of pictures taken through the 2017 season showing the progress. I hope you find them interesting.

Madison WI Royal Victorian VI 34 Glass Greenhouse Owners

We love our Royal Victorian VI 34 Glass Greenhouse. I think we've had it for 3 years and it was one of the best investments we've made. I do not use it during the winter months, however I usually utilize it between April and November. It has held up fabulously through all the storms . We didn't had to look for any maintenance in last 3 years I think the only maintenance we've done on it was to replace the shade curtain hooks from sun rot.

My husband and son set it up in a day, after the foundation was poured, as we have it anchored to concrete. The location of our greenhouse is truly in the middle of a field with little to no protection from the elements.

I remember us struggling on deciding to purchase it when we couldn't touch it also. For us, it was a lot of money to put out for something we could only see pictures of. There hasn't be a day that I regretted our decision. I would purchase another in a heartbeat.

Yes! I recommend this product.

Great quality light for a budget price

I’m very happy with my mars TSL 2000 purshase.My ladies seem to love it as well.

Great lights

These are very bright and will produce a good yield. Very excited to start my new grow and see how these lights do. The lights were fairly easy and quick to put together which is a plus.

Mars ts 3000 very happy customer

I was looking to try a new led grow light. A friend sent me the link for Mars hydro performs great. I placed my order very easy got my product fast and am extremely happy with the quality and customer service. 2 thumbs up

Next level light

This light was super easy yo put together. Took about 45 minutes and it had a very informative video on YouTube to help. I've noticed my plants love this light even though I can only run it at 75% power because its so strong. I highly recommend this led, and like it's name it stays cool.

We love it

Great for our SPA in the winter

Nice greenhouse

I purchased this greenhouse in July 2021 it is very sturdy the directions are a little tricky to follow but overall I’m satisfied with the greenhouse I would recommend this greenhouse for someone to purchase

Janssens Royal Victorian VI 36 Greenhouse 10ft x 20ft

My wife loves her new greenhouse. We had family come, and help to put it together. It looks beautiful in our back yard. It is also strong and sturdy.

High quality greenhouse - epic failure on directions

The greenhouse materials and construction are of very high quality and almost all were exactly manufactured. Except for the hinged doors where 7 of 8 of the inserts that hold the glass in place had to be recut to fit properly. The totally fall on their faces when it comes to the “instruction” manual. It is worse than awful. No instructions at all are provided, just a bunch of disorganized cartoons. In many cases they are not even ordered properly. The YouTube video is not any better and repeats a few steps multiple times. Does anyone even proofread this stuff. I wasted at least a full day (8 hrs) reworking and in some cases re-engineering. So many steps are missed in the cartoons or are in the wrong order. I love the greenhouse but I will never buy another thing from Exaco. They are solely responsible for the “instruction manual”. They should be embarrassed.

A kluge.

Not made for this greenhouse and is a klutzy solution. Mounts in a very conspicuous location (gable panel) with a cheap piece of lexan. Not painted to match the greenhouse framing ( it is bright silver in color). Totally ruins the high quality look of the greenhouse. Also useless if mounted where indicated. Provides for no circulation of air in the greenhouse. It just vents the cool air from the roof vents right back out again leaving the rest of the greenhouse stagnant. Wait, what? Lastly, once you are completely finished assembling the greenhouse, you have to disassemble the gable window to install this thing. Ridiculous! Save your $497! I sent it back for a refund.

Almost Good but not quite

Door frame is good but Lock mechanism is cheap and unlikely to last long. Because the door comes only with a top latch on the passive door, the whole thing rattles when opened or closed. A bottom latch would help greatly. Silly omission in my opinion.

Great light

This is probably the best light you can get at this price point.

Great led

Did the research Love the product would buy again and recommend to others hands-down.

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