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Great light!

Great light and great customer service!

Everything was in order and the light looks and works great.

Hi Prateek, I just unpacked my light yesterday. Everything was in order and the light looks and works great. Planted my first vegetables and flowers this morning. Will compare with my t5 grow lights and possibly purchase more in the future. Thanks for asking! Dale

Best tent ever!

If you've ever installed a "cheap" tent by yourself, I weap for you and I've been there. Treat yourself...this tent is damn near perfect. You absolutely won't regret it.

Outstanding Light

Everything about this light is premium quality. You'll get over the price.

Easy to build and great customer service.

Very easy to build. Took me 2 weeks only working 2 to 3 hours a day with like 5 days of no work due to being rained out. Everyone at Exaco that I talked to over the phone or in emails were very nice and were able to either answer my questions or get me to someone who could.

Couple delivery problems but eventually got all the items. First problem wasn't even Exaco fault the freight company that delivered it to me didn't notice that it was 3 boxes and only gave me the glass at first but i got the other 2 boxes a few days later. Second I was missing the seed tray but Claudia sent that out right away after I told her it was missing.

The instructions are just pictures so sometimes it was a bit hard to see what to do. Even the video online was just a few animated slides again no narration not even a little bit of ambient music. Sometimes thought the video was buffering cause it lingered on a shot for so long and there was no sound. This is where I'm removing 1 star. Although I made it through the build it would have been much more helpful to have instructions with both pictures and worded instructions on what you're supposed to do.

Few hard points of the build. First was where the roof brace next to the wind supports there is no room so the support has to either be on top of the wind braces or below either way getting your fingers in there to try and put on a nut was difficult. Second the sliding glass door has a few self tapping screws in the bag but the head on them is huge making it so the sliding glass door couldn't be put on with them there. I just went to my tool box and found some flat head self tappers and put those in place and it worked really well. Finally the clips they provide in with the shade cloth kinda suck. They are good for the top of the greenhouse but not the sides, they are just a bit to long and will catch on the screws holding the center supports and then pop out of the plastic loops holding them. I just replaced them with some zip ties and now the shade cloth opens and closes much easier and without the shade cloth coming undone. I also ran out of the crescent shaped rubber seal. Its the weekend right now so ill see on Monday if I call if they will send me a bit more. Only missing a small part of it.

Amazingly the part I thought would be hard, and was a little worried about when I decided to build it myself, was really easy. Putting the glass on was easier then building the frame. I was worried I'd be breaking glass and having to order more but the tool they give you made moving the glass around and setting it in place rather quick and painless.

All in all it feels like a very robust greenhouse, was quick and fairly easy to build, and had some great customer support when needed and because of that I'll add back in the star I removed before because their service is just that helpful.
Big thanks to David, Claudia, and Alan over at Exaco.

Great Product

It's a great product unable to find it anywhere but at your store

Great Light

It really is a great light. I am confident that I will be happy.

UPS was a little rough on the package

UPS was a little rough on the package but it showed up and works great I just had to bend the foil housing back to true after shipping (I know that was not your doing) but the quantum board was completely unarmed. Thank you so much, you will be receiving more of my business.

UPS was a little rough on the package

UPS was a little rough on the package but it showed up and works great I just had to bend the foil housing back to true after shipping (I know that was not your doing) but the quantum board was completely unarmed. Thank you so much, you will be receiving more of my business.

Great lights I just purchased a fourth one, very happy

I am very pleased with my order.

I am very pleased with my order. Customer service and communication were top notch. Product is great as well. Will absolutely use you for future purchases

Good lights

I find these lights work really well if you have low ceilings and have to let the plants get close to the light. The plants can get really close without getting burned by a hotspot. I found the dimmer and Daisy chain best to just bypass because they don’t get as bright even when cranked up if they are Daisy chained. I took a star off because the dimmer daisy chain clearly still has some bugs to get worked out.

first time user

this is the first grow tent that i have purchased, after reading many reviews on all brands, i decided the gorilla tent sounded like the strongest longest lasting tent. it was very easy to assemble and get started. so faf i have no complaints.

Amazing Light

Love this light for my grow in either a 5x5 or 4x4. I use this in my shorty tent by Gorilla Grows, and it allows me to keep an even SCROG canopy in bloom, all with less than five feet of height! It's dimmable, so it can be used efficiently for veg or flower.

Thanks Shopgrowspaces!

Great Grow Light

Excellent grow light with built in dimmer. Very bright light, doesn't get hot, covers a large area. Not the cheapest, but worth the money.

Budbox pro xxl

Not only is the tent of the absolute best quality, but it was packaged thoughtfully. Not to mention you guys sold it to me for the best price on the internet. Two thumbs up guys. Look forward to doing business with you again soon. Thanks

Great light great price

Plants love it

FC 3000

Well constructed unit with a great light spectrum and PAR level's. PAR level's cover 4x4 for veg and 3x3 for flower with know trouble! Light does not generate much heat either.

Love my Harvest Right freeze dryer

I love my Harvest Right freeze dryer very often because of its ability to create great fruit snacks for us. My freeze-dried veggies turn out really great and the promise of longer shelf life is really there. This is the absolutely best way to preserve produce and i have stopped canning my food. I am extremely surprised as well as to how easy it is to maintain the machine with the use of the oil-free pump. I am very happy to do the upgrade with my purchase thanks to the recommendations on chat made by shopgrowspaces. Definitely worth the wait.

Great light

This Mars Hydro is perfect for my space. Even lighting through my grow. Great quality light for a great price. Very happy and thinking of buying another.

Very nice tent

The tent is well made, good quality

Works fine no issues, unlike sgs customers service which sucks.

Hi Gary! Our sincerest apologies for you having a bad experience with us. We didn't receive any communication mail from you after your order was placed and your order was shipped with 3 business days. If you can get in touch with us and let us know the real issue, it will help us to serve you better

Best light I've owned

This light is the perfect lamp for a 3x3. The driver can be used remotely which is a great part of the design. The lamp is really well built and solid with good light spread. Overall it is the best value for a 3x3 and shop grow space offered the best price around

Greta light

This light is great very good coverage and par is pretty good

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