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  • Are those four small fans on the side of the fixture? If so what significant difference do they make insofar as heat goes?

    Yes, all the Black Dog LED lights use fans, also referred to as Active Cooling as opposed to passive cooling. This allows the LEDs to be kept at lower temperatures, allowing them to last longer and perform more efficiently. 

  • Can jou send it too belguim 2 pieces phytomax-2 1000 Dekeyser l

    We can definitely ship to Belgium, but the shipping cost from USA to Europe can get real expensive for you. Have you considered looking at You will get Free Shipping since its a Europe based website and thus signifcant savings on shipping costs

Customer Reviews

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Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 1000

The light arrived promptly and was very well packaged. The unit is well made and has worked without problems. I originally had this installed so the the bottom of the fixture was 46" above the top of the growing beds. I measured the light intensity with an Apogee SQ-500 sensor which claims to capture all of the red light in the PAR spectrum. At the center of a 4 ft square table the intensity was 640 micromoles/m^2/s. In the center of the edges it was between 400 and 350 and at the corners it was between 246 and 320. For an 18 hour lighting day, this puts the daily light integral (DLI) in the center at 41.5 moles/m^2/day. At the edges it drops to between 22.7 and 25.9 and at the corners it drops to between 15.9 and 20.7. This a very intense light. Most of the professional horticulturists say that the DLI should be between 12 and 14 for greens and 15 to 20 plus for vine crops. It seemed like some of the lettuce varieties the were in the central part of the beam were getting sunburned and I raised the light as much as I could and tilted it slightly to direct it more toward the plants that can stand more light. It would be better if my ceiling were higher (only 9 ft), or the plants were on the floor (hard on my back). I may eventually build a greenhouse. If your space is limited, you might want to forgo buying the worst LED fixture on the planet and get several smaller ones to spread out the light intensity.

Still love this Light

I'm in 5th week of Flower. WOW! Update of original review. 5 STARS ALL THE WAY!

Black dog 2-1000

The new Phytomax-2 series is a HUGE improvement over the Phytomax series in diode quality. Black dog has stepped up and growers can definately get 1g/w with this light but don’t expect more. It’s not anywhere near the best led light but it’s good. It’s also easy to grow with, provides good coverage and is EXTREMELY well engineered and QUALITY built

Best Grow Light ever!

I have never used this light before my last grow. I am a personal grower and have consistent yields about 200 g per plant on a 4 plant based also usually right around 2lbs. First shot out the gate I harvested a pound roughly per plant. What the F!!!!!!! I mean this thing is worth its weight in gold. I just wish I could afford another one!

Blown away!

I've had this light for about 30 days now, and it's working beyond my expectations. My girls are growing extremely fast, and super bushy (I am vegging at 20inchs).
I was a little worried about the amount of money I was going to spend on this, so I spent months researching and I am definitely glad I chose Black Dog.
Don't mess around, just buy the light and thank me later

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