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  • What is its lumens output?

    We do not measure or work with lumens. Lumens are a measure of light weighted for the human eye. Our lights are designed for growing plants. 

Customer Reviews

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Outstanding Light

Everything about this light is premium quality. You'll get over the price.

Best in the market

After much skepticism and debate, I decided to purchase the 800, and can honestly say, "This is a best in class product hands down." The less expensive alternatives, will never match the RESULTS and RELIABILITY of these Black Dog Phytomax II lights. I've noticed 3 levels of innovation since this company first started out selling high end 3 watt led units. Then, upgraded to 5 watt leds. Thirdly, the glass "filter" removal was the proof that these guys have been IMPROVING every step of the way. Also, means they have educated folks in the design team who understand the limitations of glass/ plastic between the light sources and the plants.
Excellent product guys!

The Best!

I have Kind, and I like them. Then I bought a Black Dog Max 2 800. No comparison. The Black Dog is WAY BETTER in every way. No hot spots or shadowy corners, it has a huge footprint, and it's cooler than the Kind (bigger heat sink, and it helps a lot!) This light is no joke, and I will be buying more of them as soon as possible. My plants LOVE the Black Dog, and so do I!

Blown away!

I've had the original phytomax 800 for a year and a half...I recently snagged this phytomax 2 800 and running a side by side with GSC forum cut and the new phytomax2 is completely shredding the original phytomax..WAY TIGHTER NODE SPACING..and the bud size is already twice the size and I'm only 5 weeks in..don't get me wrong I LOVE the original phytomax...but these guys really outdid themselves with the new phytomax2s..these lights are gonna change the game

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