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  • How much heat does this light generate will there be cooling required? SolarSystem 1100 UVB

    The SS-1100 puts out about 2500 BTU per hour. The SS-UVB doesn't put out much heat at all. As long as you have the proper exhaust setup and you keep it running while the light is on you shouldn't have heat issues. In a sealed room you will need AC

  • I have received the solar system 1100 UVB with the control panel. Reading the literature the control panel has a sunrise and sunset feature where the lights I assume go through a dimming up/down. Reading up on the UVB lights they are not to be used with a dimmer. How do they work with the control panel running the 1100?

    The SS-UVBs do not integrate with the SolarSystem Controller.  You must connect them to a separate timer. You can chain up to 10 of them together on one outlet using the included daisy chain cords.

  • I purchased the solar storm 880 a few years ago when I managed to save as a younglin man. Due to still living at my parents house I was in essence told to put it on hold until I got my own house. So here I am now getting a 4x4 space set up before I remove the towel I had placed over the l.e.d. My question is how would the performance differ compared to your new Solar System 1100? It appears the wattage consumption is about the same. Mine has the uv bulbs on the side.. An awesome veg switch and bloom switch.. And last question is WHY was it discontinued?

      The SolarSystem 1100 UVB is our most potent yet efficient flowering setup yet. The 880 was a great fixture for hobby growers. As the market changed and we started creating more products for commercial applications, we developed the 1100 UVB to apply for both commercial and hobby applications. The SolarSystem UVB bulbs are bigger and more powerful than the discontinued SolarStorm bulbs, so they can be attached to the 1100 and hung up high above the canopy unlike the 880. Besides the fact that the SolarSystem series was our best foot forward in terms of efficiency and overall commercial grade design, we discontinued the SolarStorm series because SolarSystem gives you a lot more control over spectrum, timing, automation, and many other features with the SolarSystem Controller as opposed to a veg / bloom switch.   

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