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  • Whats the warranty on this product?

    Limited Warranty on Janssens Victorian Greenhouses This product carries a 15-year limited warranty on both the greenhouse frame and covering against defects in material and workmanship when properly assembled using only manufacturer’s original equipment parts in accordance with manufacturer’s assembly instructions.

    Warranty does not cover damage resulting from:

    • Excessive loads placed on the packed product and/or parts
    • Glass breakage caused by large hail, rocks or other projectiles (including rocks thrown by a lawnmower)
    • Use of force, incorrect handling, or inappropriate use, neglectful use or assembly or maintenance, commercial use or use other than for personal or household purposes
    • Alteration, painting, connecting, gluing, sealing or assembly not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions • Extreme storms, wind, flood, fire or other extreme weather conditions.
    • Nor does it cover operating parts such as pistons in automatic window openers or other accessories provide with the greenhouse which are breakable in ordinary use. 

    If this product fails during normal use, simply call (877-760-8500 ext 701) or write Exaco Trading Corporation. A copy of an original sales invoice may be required by fax or mail. If needed, the customer will allow the manufacturer or its representative to access and/or examine the greenhouse and its parts at the original service location. The warranty commences from date of purchase and is not transferable, and a dated proof of purchase must be presented on request. Please keep this product warranty and your proof of purchase in a safe place; they will be needed if a claim is made. In case a problem should occur, please address your claim to the customer service department by phone. A photograph or sample of the defective part(s) may be required to expedite the resolution process. After a claim has been settled the guarantee will continue to run to its original expiry date (the original date of purchase). Exaco will repair or replace the product at our discretion

  • How long does it typically take for the shipment to arrive?

    It usually takes about 2 weeks for your order to arrive. This unit ships from Texas. It takes 1-2 business days to package and then it ships to the shipping facility located nearest to you. The shipper then makes contact to schedule a delivery. Due to the high demand during this pandemic, we are running low on products, and shipping companies take longer than usual. Please, keep this in mind when ordering. We will send you a follow-up email if there is a longer waiting time for your order.

  • Do you deliver to the house?

    This product is delivered via LTL which is curbside delivery only. You will need to work with the driver to unload the contents of the crate, leaving the crate on the truck. The exception would be if you have a forklift or tractor with long forks available, which can be used with the liftgate to lower the entire crate to the ground. We recommend having a couple of people there for the delivery.

  • Where does this ship from?

    Austin, Texas

  • Do you sell an extra sliding door?

    The Janssens Royal Victorian Single Sliding Door can be added at the back or side of your greenhouse. This way you can create two entrances. You can find the product here.

  • What is the difference between a Royal and Retro Victorian greenhouse?

    The Royal Victorians have complete glass panels. The Retro Victorian utilizes narrower 14″ vertical panels of 4mm tempered glass with decorative non-glass panels for the lower sections. This creates a totally different look and might be an advantage in some weather situations.

  • What’s the difference between Royal Victorian and Junior Victorian?

    Junior Victorians are overall shorter and come in smaller sizes. When you compare the dimensions of the J-VIC 23 and VI 23, you’ll see that the center height is shorter. Also, the shoulder is significantly lower 5ft 2in on the J-VIC 23, versus 6ft 7in on the VI 23.

  • Should we choose glass or Polycarbonate?

    To keep it short: Glass is purely for aesthetics and Polycarbonate for functionality. You’ll have more protection from the weather and a better growing environment with Polycarbonate. It doesn’t look as nice as glass, though.

  • Is it possible/wise to remove the rain gutters, say during the winter months?

    No, the gutters are part of the aluminum extrusion.

  • Can I put the Royal Victorians on a stem wall?

    Yes, you can purchase a drop door kit so that you can install the greenhouse on a 10-40” high stem wall. Please note, the kit does not include the glass that goes on top of the door. You can purchase this piece locally to suit your desired height.

  • Does it need a concrete foundation?

    All Janssens greenhouses require proper footing because of the included foundation frame. We don’t recommend complete concrete slabs because they hold a lot of heat in the summer and a lot of cold in the winter. A glass greenhouse already heats up and cools down very easily. A footer filled with gravel, dirt, or pea rock in the middle is a better option. You have to cement the foundation into the footer for the perfect stability. Do not set concrete in the corners until the entire greenhouse frame is complete, level, and square! Please, have a look at the manual or this assembly video for the Royal Victorians. They illustrate how it’s done correctly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great Greenhouse

Great Greenhouse the order arrived sooner than promised assembly could’ve went better with better instructions overall a great product

Easy to build and great customer service.

Very easy to build. Took me 2 weeks only working 2 to 3 hours a day with like 5 days of no work due to being rained out. Everyone at Exaco that I talked to over the phone or in emails were very nice and were able to either answer my questions or get me to someone who could.

Couple delivery problems but eventually got all the items. First problem wasn't even Exaco fault the freight company that delivered it to me didn't notice that it was 3 boxes and only gave me the glass at first but i got the other 2 boxes a few days later. Second I was missing the seed tray but Claudia sent that out right away after I told her it was missing.

The instructions are just pictures so sometimes it was a bit hard to see what to do. Even the video online was just a few animated slides again no narration not even a little bit of ambient music. Sometimes thought the video was buffering cause it lingered on a shot for so long and there was no sound. This is where I'm removing 1 star. Although I made it through the build it would have been much more helpful to have instructions with both pictures and worded instructions on what you're supposed to do.

Few hard points of the build. First was where the roof brace next to the wind supports there is no room so the support has to either be on top of the wind braces or below either way getting your fingers in there to try and put on a nut was difficult. Second the sliding glass door has a few self tapping screws in the bag but the head on them is huge making it so the sliding glass door couldn't be put on with them there. I just went to my tool box and found some flat head self tappers and put those in place and it worked really well. Finally the clips they provide in with the shade cloth kinda suck. They are good for the top of the greenhouse but not the sides, they are just a bit to long and will catch on the screws holding the center supports and then pop out of the plastic loops holding them. I just replaced them with some zip ties and now the shade cloth opens and closes much easier and without the shade cloth coming undone. I also ran out of the crescent shaped rubber seal. Its the weekend right now so ill see on Monday if I call if they will send me a bit more. Only missing a small part of it.

Amazingly the part I thought would be hard, and was a little worried about when I decided to build it myself, was really easy. Putting the glass on was easier then building the frame. I was worried I'd be breaking glass and having to order more but the tool they give you made moving the glass around and setting it in place rather quick and painless.

All in all it feels like a very robust greenhouse, was quick and fairly easy to build, and had some great customer support when needed and because of that I'll add back in the star I removed before because their service is just that helpful.
Big thanks to David, Claudia, and Alan over at Exaco.

Beautiful greenhouse

This is such a nice greenhouse and looks amazing. My husband put it together and I helped as much as I could. It is high quality and is just what I was looking for!

Good Greenhouse

It looks like a really good quality greenhouse. I have received all the part and preparing the site now for installation. Thank you for the follow up.

Great Communication

Dave -

Thank you so very much. I had faith in you, because your customer service and communications have been excellent.



ShopGrowSpaces vastly exceeded my expectations

Actually, ShopGrowSpaces vastly exceeded my expectations and have been great to work with. The delivery and delivery instructions were good, and in the main the build of the greenhouse was straightforward - some challenging moments for sure, and we will have to do a slight dismantle to sort an instruction item we missed the first time, but the 3d video helped a lot and I never expected it to be easy.

There are some oddities - some of the seals don't make sense etc, but in my tolerant climate I don't need it to survive a hurricane or deal with a lot of humidity and I'm not worried about anything at all. It's very solid and, as far as I'm concerned, great value for money.

Many thanks,

Thank you

Thank you. Everything is wonderful. I have it all set up and ready to go. Here's a video I sent to my sister. Thank you for your excellent service.

My greenhouse project

This greenhouse is very well designed and made of sturdy, quality materials. The downside is assembly is very complicated and the directions and instructional DVD are not easy to follow (and are not consistent). We finally had to hire a professional contractor to put it together for us. That being said, the end result is impressive.

Perfect Packaging

hey just a quick note, the order arrived in perfect condition, looked like it was shipped from across the street!!! AND special kudos to your packing department, I have never ever received anything this well packed and organized.I wish amazon took some lessons from you step, putting it all together and go..I am just amazed the quality of service you and your staff provide.Now to unpack all the little packages and go from thereagain thanksrobert.

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