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Very good light.
Thanks again very much for the top notch service! 10/10 would order from you guys again!
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  • How much energy does the Grobo use?

    Grobo is extremely energy efficient due to it's size and LED design. It consumes about the same power as a typical ceiling fan - around $5 per month. 

  • I’m going away on vacation - will my Grobo be okay?

    f you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, it is recommended you have a friend or relative check in on your Grobo. Your Grobo will be O.K. for 3-4 days unattended, but for any longer periods of time it's best to have someone check to see if anything needs to be topped up. When your plant is in a growth stage, it requires top-ups to maintain an effective water level and weekly reservoir changes to ‘flush’ the system. If the water level gets below the recommended level, the roots won’t be able to drink and there is a possible of running into problems with your pH meter

  • Does the Grobo have a lock?

    Yes it does! One of the many safety features of the Grobo includes a lock to ensure little hands don't get in. The lock can be enabled and disabled by your app. The user button on the back of your unit can also be used.

  • How much does the system cost to maintain?

    Hydroponic growing is low maintenance - Grobo will only cost ~$15 USD a month to operate and maintain! Two costs associated with maintaining your Grobo are; Energy (LED lighting): ~$5/mo Nutrients: ~$10/mo Total Costs: ~$15/mo (~$180/yr) 

  • Does Grobo need to be vented outside?

    The Grobo is completely self-contained! That means you don't have to vent anything outdoors.   The system has two intake fans and one exhaust fan. Those fans circulate all the air through the u

  • What happens if my power goes out?

    All is not lost if you lose power, but there are a couple things you should do: Give your plant some light during its regular light period. It doesn’t take much to keep the plant happy, even shining a flashlight over it for a couple minutes every couple hours is enough.
    Drain 1/2 of the water out of your unit. Take a cup or drain stick and bring the water level down to 1/2. This allows your roots to take up oxygen that is missing without your airpump being powered. If the power stays off for more than a day, completely drain and then refill your tank using the same reservoir water. This gives your plant a big boost of oxygen.
    Maintain your temperature. If it is in the middle of winter, cover your unit with a blanket. If it’s too hot, consider moving the unit to a cooler location like the basement

  • How many watts is the LED light?

    The Grobo uses our proprietary 8-spectrum 150 Watt LED light. The light is designed to optimize yields and quality in the smallest footprint possible.    

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Awesome product and quick set-up
Fantastic Device
Grobo.. the power of automation
Excellent Service
A1 Top Shelf Product

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