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  • What tools and supplies do I need to get started?

    So, you've decided that Grobo is right for you. What's next?
    Good news: Your Grobo will ship with everything you need to start your first grow. That includes the grow box itself, enough nutrients for one grow, a coco pod, and a carbon filter. It does NOT come with any seeds or cuttings. Please make sure to get your own before your Grobo arrives.
    As you grow, you might find that additional tools are helpful. We recommend the following items:
    Recommended: 1x Pruning Shears* - Critical for giving your plant a few haircuts as it grows. 1x Microscope* - Get up close and personal with trichomes to know when to harvest. 1x Drying Rack Set* - Allows you to easily hang your buds in the Grobo once your grow is complete so they can dry. All of these items are included in the
    Pro-Grow Kit
    , along with a spare Grow Kit so that you can start your next grow immediately.
    Bonus:** 1x Digital Scale - Don't just guess how big your yields are. Know for sure! 1x Magnetic Tool Storage Box - Keep all your tools nicely organized on the side or back of your Grobo for easy access. 1x Hydroguard - To help fend off root rot. It's the most useful when applied in Germination or Early Vegetation stages. Please be advised though, this can be on the pricier side.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Awesome product and quick set-up

Awesome product. It was quick to set up and looks gorgeous. Initially it was a bit louder, but got a quick solution by emailing the support. A quiet mode was implemented which made the sound much tolerable now .My plant is growing well and I'm excited for the first harvest!

Fantastic Device

A well built machine that makes crafting your own extracts or concentrates easy. Definitely reclaims almost all of the ethanol without any issues. I have used it for two weeks and after a couple runs the process is dead simple. I look forward to making more essential oil extracts from my garden. The customer service is absolutely fantastic. I cannot recommend supporting this company enough!

Grobo.. the power of automation

To the many listeners out there, this is for you...
Grobo is a joy to own and operate. The days of pitching a grow tent, or dropping a mint on a multi plant platform, and monitoring this and that IMHO belong in a museum. I get by with one plant, and I get one that becomes the sole focus of this unit's attention. Suits me fine, thank you very much.
I'm a novice grower, and honestly, I don't have the patience, or the time for that matter, to educate myself on the troubleshooting that comes with not having a clue how to grow when things don't work out as planned. I have never come close to my wits end with this Grobo. Any prob. is automatically corrected under the watchful eye of the Team @ Grobo.
I spend under $2.00 CDN on distilled water every seven to 10 days, and the nutrients do the rest. Grobo has done for me, what I have requested, and I'm fairly certain it will do the same for any grower regardless of their commitment level.
Lastly, the resources are available for experimentation if I wanna tweak a plant every now and then. In this case, experimentation will no longer become a risky endeavour if I choose to do so when my curiosity peaks.

Easy Growing

Grobo Makes growing extremely easy not having to worry about checking ph and ec levels twice a day. Change the water once a week and it does the rest. I have been adding some House and Garden supplemental nutrients when I do the refill and everything looks great. On day 20 of a Tangerine Dream from Barney’s. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

No Mishaps!

Im not particularly handy, and a grow cabinet is not something that yu want to calla stranger in to help you erect. But I was able to disassemble this unit for the person that I bought it from and reassemble it quickly and easily with no mishaps. For the record, he was moving up to a larger grow cabinet and was still very pleased with this one. Unlike any on the market, it has virtually no light leakage and the panels are made of heavy duty material, not thin mylar. My only suggestion is that the interior be lined with a white material since it reflects light more efficiently than silver does.

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