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  • Can you freeze dry milk, butter, eggs, sauces and gravy? Does it come with instructions for different foods?

    Dairy products do very well. The only item on this list that won't freeze dry is butter. Meals with butter in them do great, but butter itself is has too much concentrated fat. Sauces, gravy, milk, and eggs all freeze dry amazingly and reconstitute very very well. For example, the medium size freeze dryer will fit 60 raw eggs in a batch

  • What type of oil for the pump?

    Vacuum pump oil is an inexpensive clear mineral oil that is food grade. This is included with the freeze dryer. 

  • I\'ve read that the fd makes a lot of heat. If so, can it be placed out on my covered porch?

    The most common places for putting your freeze dryer are a garage, utility room, spare bedroom, basement, and sometimes a covered porch. 

  • What are the maintenance costs?

    The only maintenance cost is mineral oil. Most customers spend $10 - $15 a year on this. 

  • Can I freeze dry a turkey in this?

    Yes. Turkey is great to freeze dry. It will rehydrate very well. 

  • What is the wattage of the unit. It seems small, how large of a contaniner can it take?

    At peak, the freeze dryer draws about 16 amps, but on the average about 9 to 11 amps (990-1210 watts) of power per hour. 

    As for food capacity, depending on the type of food, it will dry between 4-7 pounds of food per batch. The unit uses trays, so you don't need to use any sort of container. Just place the food to be freeze dried onto the trays

  • How much heat is food exposed to ?

    During the dry process, moisture is removed starting at 20 degrees F and progresses to 100 degrees F. The upper temperature can be customized and lowered as low as 55 degrees F. 

  • How many volts, amps, and watts is this? Does it require a dedicated circuit?

    110 Volt 
    Runs at 7-10 amps on the average, peaking at 13 
    Watts are approximately 900 

  • How many hours average till a batch is done? Say using fresh blueberries.

    Depends on food. 24-36 minimum for most. Blueberries are ver long and difficult. Could be upwards of 50 hrs 

  • What is origin of the machine?

    This product is assembled and made in the USA. 

  • how is food reconstituted?

    Simply add water to it. If you add hot water it will rehydrate faster. 

  • After the food is done how long can it be stored in the freeze dryer before packaging?

    The food can stay in the freeze dryer almost indefinitely after it is done because the freezer stays on and keeps it ultra cold until you take it out of the dryer. 

  • How long does it take to dry an apple and how many can you dry at a time? How long would it take to dry 2 cups of spaghetti?

    The medium size FD has 4 trays, each tray can hold up to 2.5 lbs of product. Product, like apple slices can be layered. 
    Most foods, fruit, pasta, shredded cheese, raw scrambled eggs, etc. take about 46 hours. Harvest Right has a new computer board that shortens the batch time. 

  • does the vacuum pump run the entire time if not how long usually?

    It runs for about 9 hours unless you add drying time. 

  • what is the difference between a dehydrator and a free dryer?

    Freeze Drying removes all of the water from any food product, but retains the cellular structure and nutrition. Dehydration kills 30-50% of the nutrition because heat is used to dry it. There are many foods that can be freeze dried but could never be dehydrated. For example we freeze dry our spaghetti, chicken noodle soup, milk, raw eggs (or cooked), turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, ice cream, all our fruits and vegetables. When we add water back to these foods they come back to fresh. The raw eggs will rehydrate and make a perfect omelette, scrambled eggs, or be used to bake a cake. Same thing with meals, dairy, and meat products. They rehydrate really well by adding a little water back. This would never be possible with dehydrating. 

  • How often should you clean the pump?

    If the pump is properly maintained with filtering the oil, we recommend not cleaning out the pump. There is not a need. 

  • What comes with this unit being sold?

    It comes with everything you need to freeze dry and package your food: Freeze Dryer, Vacuum Pump, 50 Mylar Bags, 50 Oxygen Absorbers, Mylar Bag Sealer. 

  • Using quart as an example, how many quarts would the freeze chamber shelf area?

    The total amount of finished product is 1.5 - 2.5 gallons of food. So, on the average it is around 8 quarts per batch. This starts to add up very quickly as many will run their freeze dryer 5 times or more per week. The Medium unit has 4 trays, and each tray should only be loaded with 2.5 lbs of food. Typically, that’s 1 to 1.5 quarts. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is. It adds up pretty fast. 

  • Is the freeze dryer too heavy for one person to lift?

    Depending on the model, the freeze dryers weigh between 60 lbs. and 190 lbs. It is best to have two people available help move your freeze dryer to the location where you want to keep it. You can place the freeze dryer on a rolling cart if you want the freedom to move your freeze dryer around. Otherwise a simple table or counter will suffice.

  • Do I need to drain the water from my freeze dryer?

    During the process of freeze drying, the water in the material being freeze dried sublimates (evaporates) and freezes in the drying chamber.  At the end of the process the freeze dryer has a defrost cycle that changes the frozen water (that was removed from the material you were drying) back into a liquid form. It then drains out of the chamber into a container of your choice. Simply pour the water into a sink or use it to water your plants.

  • Does my freeze dryer need a filter?

    The freeze dryer itself does not need a filter. However, if you would like to save money on oil, Harvest Right provides a simple oil filter with every freeze dryer. To recycle your oil, simply drain the oil directly from the pump into the filter container and let the filter do the rest. Once the oil has drained into the bottom plastic portion of the filter, you can pour the oil back into your freeze dryer’s vacuum pump and re-use it just as if it were new oil.

  • Do I have to drain my oil?

    To keep your freeze dryer running properly, simply drain the oil out of the vacuum pump at the end of each batch. It takes just a few seconds to unscrew the spout and allow the oil to drain into a filter that is provided with the freeze dryer. If you can clean the lint out of your clothes dryer, you can drain out the oil from a freeze dryer vacuum pump. The oil, used in the vacuum pumps, is food grade mineral oil. If you get a little oil spill it is easy to wipe up.

  • How hard is it to put oil in my freeze dryer?

    It’s simple. Just unscrew the cap on your vacuum pump and pour oil in until it reaches the fill line. If you’re used to filling your dishwasher and your washing machine with detergent, you’ll feel completely comfortable filling your vacuum pump.

  • How loud is a freeze dryer?

    Technically, the freeze dryer runs at about 65 decibels which isn’t too bad. However, it is a little noisy for a kitchen. You should expect your freeze dryer to produce noise during the second half of the freeze-drying process when the vacuum pump is running. The beginning phase (during the freeze process) will not be noisy at all. Comparatively, dishwashers and washing machines have been noisy for years. They are finally getting a little quieter. Because of the noise from a washing machine, homebuilders adjusted and started building laundry rooms to minimize the noise. Harvest Right suggests the same for your freeze dryer. Keep it in your laundry room, a utility room, an extra kitchen/bedroom, or even in your garage.

  • How much food can the system freeze dry each time it is used?

    6-10 pounds of food will fit in your freeze dryer. That amount of food will typically fill one and one-half to two and one-half #10 cans of food–-an amount equivalent to 1.5 to 2.5 gallons.

  • What type of power does it use?

    Standard 110 Volt


    The entire process is automatic. 

    1. Raw or cooked foods are placed in the freeze dryer where they are frozen to between -30 degrees and -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

    2. Once frozen, the freeze dryer creates a vacuum in the food chamber.

    3. As the food is gradually warmed, the water turns to vapor and evaporates out of the food (sublimation).

    4. When dry, the freeze dryer notifies the user that the process is complete by sounding an audible beep.

    5. You can then remove the freeze dried food from the dryer and place it in vacuum-sealed containers that are moisture and oxygen proof (preferably a mylar pouch or a can) to ensure freshness until opened.

    6. When water is added to the food, it regains its original fresh flavor, aroma, texture, and appearance!


    Harvest Right scientific freeze dryers are remarkable, and a perfect addition to any laboratory. Our scientific freeze dryer can be completely customized with your preferred processes. You can have multiple manageable profiles, each providing the ability to automatically power on and off the condensing unit and the vacuum pump in conjunction with ascending, controlled temperature and time settings.


    3-Year Limited Warranty 
    All sales of Harvest Right Freeze Dryers after February 1, 2019, are covered by this warranty.


    Harvest Right has taken every precaution to make this appliance run as affordably as possible.

    Small and Medium

    Our small and standard freeze dryers use a standard 110 volt outlet.

    At peak, the freeze dryer draws about 16 amps, but on the average about 9 to 11 amps (990-1210 watts) of power per hour. A dedicated 20 amp circuit is recommended. Your freeze dryer will cost an estimated $1.25-$2.80 a day, depending on power costs in your area.


    Our large freeze dryer requires a 110 volt (NEMA 5-20) outlet 

    At peak, the large freeze dryer draws about 16 amps, but on the average about 10 amps (1500 watts) of power per hour. A dedicated 20 amp circuit is required. Your freeze dryer will cost an estimated $2.00-$3.00 a day, depending on power costs in your area.


    The freeze dryer itself requires little to no maintenance. However, as shown below, all freeze dryers come with a high quality vacuum pump, which requires some maintenance, mainly adding and draining oil.

    The vacuum pump comes equipped with an initial supply of oil. There are 3 cups of oil in a vacuum pump that need to be changed regularly to keep a freeze dryer running efficiently. This is a simple process, and requires little effort.

    Each freeze dryer also includes a stand-alone oil filter. The filter cleans the oil and allows you to keep reusing your oil as if it were new. Using filtered oil in each batch is a great way to save money and be more eco-friendly, while also helping your vacuum pump perform as efficiently as possible


    The freeze dryer unit itself as well as a high-quality vacuum pump that sits outside the freeze dryer.


    Yes! It is a great idea to put frozen products into your freeze dryer. Your machine will accept pre-frozen foods and cool them even further, to around -40 degrees F.


    It typically takes between 20 to 40 hours to complete the process. Food type and quantity will affect the freeze-dry cycle. Things like meat, peas and corn dry quickly, while squash and watermelon can take longer. The thickness of the food slices will affect the cycle time too.

    Most importantly, your machine senses when the food is ready (alerting you with a beep) so you don’t have to guess when to stop the freeze-dry cycle.


    4-7 lbs. of fresh food will fit in our small freeze dryer. That amount of food will typically fill 1.0 to 1.5 gallons (1 to 1.5 #10 cans) of food per batch. It is not uncommon for customers to freeze dry 900 lbs. of fresh food in just 1 year.

    7-10 pounds of fresh food will fit in our standard size freeze dryer. That amount of food will typically fill 1.5 to 2.5 gallons (1.5 to 2.5 #10 cans) of food per batch. It is not uncommon for customers to freeze dry 1,500 lbs. of fresh food in just 1 year.

    12-16 pounds of fresh food will fit in our large freeze dryer. That amount of food will typically fill 3.5 gallons (3.5 #10 cans) of food per batch. It is not uncommon for customers to freeze dry 2,200 lbs. of fresh food in just 1 year.


    You truly can freeze-dry almost anything. All kinds of fruits, vegetables and meats taste wonderful when freeze dried. That includes things like tomatoes, apples, bananas, strawberries, peaches, green beans, peppers, onions, potatoes, spinach, shrimp, pork, beef, turkey and even ice cream.

    Your favorite meals that include meat may be easily freeze dried. Foods like lasagna, rice dishes, cheese macaroni, chili, beef stew, chicken a la king, casseroles, shrimp, lobster, pulled pork, pasta sauces or scrambled eggs are perfect for this process.

    You will find that it is a delight to experiment with different foods and meals in your freeze dryer. A great way to start is by picking meals that are already favorites in your home.


    Small 16.5" W x 18.5" D x 25" H Color: 61 lbs. Stainless: 68 lbs. 

    Medium 18" W x 21.25" D x 28.5" H Color: 112 lbs. Stainless: 133 lbs. 

    Large 20.25 " W x 23.75" D x 30.75" H Color: 138 lbs. Stainless: 161 lbs.

  • Which Freezer Dryer is right for me?

    Small Freeze Dryer: 
    - Capacity of each batch is about 1 gallon (4 to 6 lbs. of fresh food)
    - In a year, one can easily freeze dry 200 batches (200 gallons or 900 lbs. of food)

    Medium Freeze Dryer:
    - Capacity of each batch is about 2 gallons (7 to 10 lbs. of fresh food)
    - In a year, one can easily freeze dry 200 batches (400 gallons or 1500 lbs. of food)

    Large Freeze Dryer:
    - Capacity of each batch is about 3.5 gallons (12 to 16 lbs. of fresh food)
    - In a year, one can easily freeze dry 200 batches (700 gallons or 2500 lbs. of food)

Customer Reviews

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Love my Harvest Right freeze dryer

I love my Harvest Right freeze dryer very often because of its ability to create great fruit snacks for us. My freeze-dried veggies turn out really great and the promise of longer shelf life is really there. This is the absolutely best way to preserve produce and i have stopped canning my food. I am extremely surprised as well as to how easy it is to maintain the machine with the use of the oil-free pump. I am very happy to do the upgrade with my purchase thanks to the recommendations on chat made by shopgrowspaces. Definitely worth the wait.

Love the Freeze Dryer

Been using my medium freeze dryer for about a month. Love it. Easy to set up and use. Just in time for apple harvest and to relieve some of the space from my garden products from the freezer to FD.

freeze dryer

bought this for my sister she absolutely loves it what a great investment no more throwing out left overs no more wasting milk because it went out of date wait time was long but now very pleased

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