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  • How long does it typically take for the shipment to arrive?

    It usually takes about 2 weeks for your order to arrive. This unit ships from Texas. It takes 1-2 business days to package and then it ships to the shipping facility located nearest to you. The shipper then makes contact to schedule a delivery. Due to the high demand during this pandemic, we are running low on products, and shipping companies take longer than usual. Please, keep this in mind when ordering. We will send you a follow-up email if there is a longer waiting time for your order.

  • Where does this ship from and do you deliver to the house?

    This gets shipped from Austin, Texas. 
    This product is delivered via LTL which is curbside delivery only. You will need to work with the driver to unload the contents of the crate, leaving the crate on the truck. The exception would be if you have a forklift or tractor with long forks available, which can be used with the liftgate to lower the entire crate to the ground. We recommend having a couple of people there for the delivery.

  • Do the Riga greenhouses require maintenance?

    No routine maintenance is required. It is recommended to check annually that all nuts, bolts, and screws are still tight.

  • Can the units be enlarged later if I need to expand the greenhouse?

    No, they cannot. The roof beam and base profiles are one piece and cannot be extended.

  • What is the wind resistance rating?

    Due to its unique roof slope, strong winds are diverted over the roof of the Riga greenhouses. Additional wind resistance is provided through the 4 lateral support bars, which span from the front to the back of the greenhouse. The Riga L & XL is adequate to support 120 mph of wind (three-second gusts).

  • Do Riga Greenhouses need a heat source for the winter?

    The more plants you have, the more heat they will produce. So, it depends on how many plants you are planning to grow. In addition, it depends on what type of plants you want to grow, i.e. kale grows in cool temperatures, whereas tomatoes need more warmth. There might be times that the temperature may drop significantly for longer periods. Although the Riga provides great insulation, you have to decide whether you need a heater or not according to your own needs.

  • Is a shade cloth required?

    This is dependent on what you plan to grow. If you are planning to use the greenhouse to grow and house exotic plants during daytime temperatures in excess of 85-90º F, virtually any greenhouse will need some kind of shade cloth and or misting system in order to keep temperatures down.

  • What is the weight capacity for the Riga shelving (9″ and 15″)?

    The shelf strength depends on the frame. If the frame that the shelving is attached to is too weak, the frame will bow outwards. In the Riga, 150lbs is about the maximum weight capacity.

  • Can I install an electric fan?

    Yes, simply cut the required hole with a utility knife in the polycarbonate glazing either in the back or front walls. No fan is included with Riga greenhouses but it can be added additionally.

  • How does the automatic window opener work without electricity?

    A special cylinder filled with paraffin oil expands and contracts in response to temperature changes. This pushes the window open when it gets hot inside and closes the window when it cools down. The temperature range is adjustable.

  • Can the Riga be assembled in the winter, as in can the panels handle being “bent” during assembly when they are cold?

    Yes, but everything will be stiff. It is recommended to keep the panels inside (warm) and only bring them out when needed during the assembly process.

  • How long does the greenhouse take to assemble?

    Assembly time depends upon the number of people assisting, how many shelves are added, if a foundation frame is added, and on personal assembly skills. The assembly time takes from 6 hours to a day (or more) depending on these factors and does not include ground preparation time.

  • Do you recommend a cement foundation?

    Cement foundations hold a lot of heat in the summer and a lot of cold in the winter. Therefore, we do not recommend a concrete slab.
    You can, however, build a concrete footing (like a stem wall that is flush with the ground) and fill the inside with gravel, dirt, or pea rock.
    You can also add the foundation frame as an additional accessory. This will work without a concrete foundation or footer.

  • What foundation/ground/footing do you recommend?

    There are plenty of options for you to prepare the ground before setting up the greenhouse. If you choose to purchase the foundation frame, you don’t need a foundation. You only need to level the ground and add material of your choice. We usually recommend gravel, dirt, or pea rock. The foundation frame will go into a trench to provide more stability.

  • Does the Riga come with a base/foundation frame?

    No. You can either purchase the foundation frame separately or purchase the premium kit that also includes shelves for just a little higher price.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful greenhouse

This is such a nice greenhouse and looks amazing. My husband put it together and I helped as much as I could. It is high quality and is just what I was looking for!

Incredible Greenhouse

I researched over 30 greenhouse kits before selecting the Riverstone Monticello Mojave package. I read over 250 reviews on those researched. I live in SE Missouri and we have ice and occasional heavy snowfall, so I was specifically looking for a sturdy, well-constructed kit. The fact that the Mojave package included many of the needed elements was a huge factor and I was confident in my decision to buy it. That said, my confidence increased once my husband studied the extensive installation/assembly manual and gave it his highest marks. It grew exponenitally once our contractor got the initial structure and he, along with his team, said this kit was the best he'd ever seen. While we have not quite finished - still have the benches, sink, and watering system to go - I wanted to post this review in hopes others would do their own research and discover what we did. This is the best! It took about 2 days to assemble - and it was done carefully, and to spec per the manual. Our crew was meticulous about getting everything right, plumb, level, and sturdy! I cannot wait to update this review with final photos once my plants are in the greenhouse. Kudos to Riverstone and the entire staff for their outstanding support and response to questions we had along the way. I highly recommend this greenhouse kit!

Thanks again very much for the top notch service! 10/10 would order from you guys again!

Thanks so much for reaching out, I'm out of town until tomorrow, but I was told the package arrived safe and sound today. I'll message back tomorrow once open and inspected. Much obliged for the fantastic service!!

Good Greenhouse

It looks like a really good quality greenhouse. I have received all the part and preparing the site now for installation. Thank you for the follow up.

Great Communication

Dave -

Thank you so very much. I had faith in you, because your customer service and communications have been excellent.



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