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  • How are the Mars Hydro FC grow lights different from the Mars Hydro TS grow lights?

    The FC series grow lights use Samsung and Osram LEDs, whereas the TS series grow lights use Epistar LEDs.

  • What size space is the Mars Hydro FC grow light for?

    The FC-3000 is for flowering 3x3 feet or vegging 4x4 feet. 

  • What is the PPF output for these lights?

    PPF output for these lights is  2.9 umol/J (per manufacturer)

  • There are three versions of the FC3000... not including the FCE3000. The third version of the FC3000 has a large gap in the middle and I am most assuredly not interested in that version. Which version are you currently offering? I am interested in the second version that has the LED diode arrangement of the FCE3000. But I would accept the first version. Thanks!

    We are an official reseller of Mars Hydro Lights and offer the latest versions of their product offerings. Whatever offerings you see on Mars Mars Hydro website, we offer the same.

Customer Reviews

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I am very pleased with my order.

I am very pleased with my order. Customer service and communication were top notch. Product is great as well. Will absolutely use you for future purchases

FC 3000

Well constructed unit with a great light spectrum and PAR level's. PAR level's cover 4x4 for veg and 3x3 for flower with know trouble! Light does not generate much heat either.

Best light I've owned

This light is the perfect lamp for a 3x3. The driver can be used remotely which is a great part of the design. The lamp is really well built and solid with good light spread. Overall it is the best value for a 3x3 and shop grow space offered the best price around

Upgrade from blurble lights

Just received and all in good condition. Easy to install, now just hoping for good results.

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