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  • Can you send me more info on the LEDs used are they Cob, manufacturer, etc.

    Thanks for reaching out. So for the lights they are not COB, but are thru board LEDs. This allows for better heat distribution without clunky heat syncs that are typically associated with COB based LEDs. Our lights use a custom targeted 12 spectrum blend specifically targeted to optimize plant growth and production. We have the image of light spectrum targeted by this light in product description. We also exclusively use top bin LEDs, so when produced we are using the higher end LEDs that performed the best in testing with a mix of CREE, OSRAM, and Phillips.

    About My Urban Greenhouse:
    Specialties My Urban Greenhouse manufactures and develops solutions for sustainable indoor growing systems. Our HomeGro line of automated Hydroponic grow systems allow anyone to be a successful grower. Utilizing our MUG LED line of innovative lightin solutions; we deliver cost effective, automated solutions that save users both time and money. Come by our showroom in Hillsboro to see our systems first hand! History Established in 2014. The ability to grow virtually any plant, allows My Urban Greenhouse to be used in any agricultural indoor growing systems. Founded in 2014, My Urban Greenhouse is located in Beaverton, Oregon.  In addition, My Urban Greenhouse has the goal to both educate others about the benefits and sustainability of Aquaponics/Hydroponic systems by engaging the community, and providing a template for an alternative means of providing healthy, cost effective food in an urban setting.

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