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  • Can i put this on a light mover system?

    Yes, you can. It will cover a 5x5 for flower without a light mover.

  • What is the amp draw?

    5.4A @ 120V, 2.7A @ 240V. 

  • what height is the foot print determined?

    Good question! The recommend hanging height is 12"-24". I would assume the 5x5 footprint assumes about a 18" hanging height. This light does a strong and even 4'x4' and a slightly less even and lower PAR 5'x5' area.

  • What is the spectrum. 3000. k. or. maby 4000 k. ?

    The spectrum is a blend of 3000K and 5000K diodes so it is around 4000K which will work for both veg and bloom.

  • How many lights and what would be the optimal spacing in a 30\' X 85\' grow room with adjustable height?

    Each lamp will cover about a 4x4 area, but may be stretched to a 5x5 area. Assuming a 4x4 area and all of your grow space being covered, you would need about 160 lights. If a 5x5 area, then you would need 102 lights. This assumes the best coverage with good intensity. For this size space it is recommended that you get a light plot made up for the most accurate number of lights. This will also show you how much light you are getting in the grow area

  • Does this light have a potentiometer?

    This light does not come with a dimmer. It needs to be purchased separately

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