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Works great!!


Works fine no issues, unlike sgs customers service which sucks.

Hi Gary! Our sincerest apologies for you having a bad experience with us. We didn't receive any communication mail from you after your order was placed and your order was shipped with 3 business days. If you can get in touch with us and let us know the real issue, it will help us to serve you better


Perfect for first time growers!

Beyond super happy

Beyond super happy with this product. Compact system, but has been great for indoor growing (can really only handle a few large plants and definitely not 8, but those plants are beauties!) The AeroPonics and automated top feeding make this product all the more amazing. The drainage system used for changing the water works perfectly also. Definitely recommend getting the upgrade package with nutrients and pH testing etc. which helps take the guess work out of the growing process. Also, Rory’s videos are the absolute best (I took notes like a dewy-eyed, college freshman hopeful lol) and he guides you from seed to harvest in easy to understand steps. The videos are definitely worth checking out if using any SuperCloset system or just want to learn more about growing and maintaining any type of plant.

Great Harvest

I have now completed two harvests using my supercloset system. In many ways its great: despite being someone who struggles to keep houseplants alive I have found using the supercloset to be a piece of cake. My only complaint is that its loud. When they describe it as being quiet and discreet, what they mean is that its quieter than any other cabinet you can buy. Which Im going to take their word for it that it is. But I had imagined it as an unassuming cabinet I could keep in the corner of my office and not have anyone give a second thought to. Instead its a cabinet that would be unassuming except that it sounds like it contains a small air conditioner. I bought a fan speed controller which helps (and honestly should come standard, as it can be very useful in regulating the temperature when its cold), but its still not quite what I thought I was getting.

Wonderful Grow

I have had the Superlocker 3.0 HOS for over three years now and this thing is amazing. The tomatos are looking amazing always and The phone support is the Shiznit!! You guys are doing one hell of a Job. The only complaint That I would say is that when I recived the Locker I had the air bubble rocks broken and It would have been a headache to get it shipped to PR so I had to Buy all 4. Other than that everyhting is on Point.

Really Enjoyed the product!

I really enjoy the product but i have to say i do have some heat issues. Being in the southern part of the US my normal home temperature is 77 78. This means i am unable to close the door to the superstar. I know some would think yea but its summer time, but where i live its always summer for the most part. If i close the doors with all the lights on the temperatures quickly climbs to 89.. So i have leave the door to the superstar open in a closed room to keep the temps where i need them to be. The customer service is excellent, i have to say every inquiry has been fast and very helpful. I do like this company i just think that my location in the world has to do with my heat issues.

Issues with the cups

Wanted to report that I love and am very pleased with my new Superlocker and also the way it was packaged. I have one small issue. Just one of the 2? Net Cups is cracked which and looks like it was missed inspection from the company that manufactures it. The cup will not fit flush with the reservoir lid. Everything else is great!

Need a bigger closet for my crops

Its been 8.5 months and a bit of a learning curve to be sure, I needed to call in early on, and the support was everything they promised. Realistically this cabinet can hold 1-2 plants max, even though it might look like it will hold 8. That being said, for my 3rd crop I decided to go with one, and its magnificent!!! I had absolutely no experience when I ordered my system and its become a really nice hobby.not so big and time consuming that its work.I have found that auto flowers (run for 20hrs per day) are the best choice for me and this locker. I ordered the led glasses, and the extra nutrients which have been great. All in all, I would recommend this, or the slightly larger superstar for people who want a discreet and easy way to look after their personal needs.

Well Engineered!

Purchased Superstar LED cabinet in March 2018. On 5th planting. Normal grow cycle is 3 months, seeds to harvest! Top shelf saves me 2 weeks, as I can start seeds and root growth, while still finishing flowering period below.The KIND LED is cost effective, with very low heat output(big plus), which keeps the cabinet internal temperature in the proper grow range.Customer support from day one was exceptional and Superpro videos were quite instructive. A couple of accessories malfunctioned in the beginning, but were quickly replaced at no charge. Cabinet and growing components well engineered. Agree with reviews addressing odor issues and number of plants ( 3 to 4) to cultivate with proper pruning and prevention of over-crowding.The only thing that I havent mastered is canopy management. When possible,I do quite a bit of fimming and topping to promote bushy growth. The fruits of the harvest have been very satisfying. What I like about this type of farming is that every grow is a new adventure. You are always learning and experimenting.This grow cabinet is top of the line!

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