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  • How many lumens is the light provided?

      This cabinet comes with a bulb that produces 12,000 lumens  

  • What type of water did you suggest to use? distilled? RO water, spring water? Our tap water is very hard and chlorinated.....?

      You can use whatever you want. 

  • What is the shipping weight and shipping box size for this item?

    Super Box ships at 90 lbs and is 29x23x35   

  • would i be able to change the bulbs to hps on my own? will the socket fit?

    Absolutely! The socket is a standard light socket. Any HPS, or any other bulb, will fit fine!

  • Do you supply, or suggest any nutrients as a starter for best growth?

    We supply a Lotus Premium Plant Nutrients Starter Kit, with growing instructions and feeding schedules 

  • Is this box totally smell proof?

    Yes, it has a carbon filter for that. 

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