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  • What is the minimum amount of material that can be used? Do I have to use 2

    U can use as little as u want. Just remember u get about a 1g of oil for every one Oz of dry matieral. 

  • Can this device be used to make tinctures?

    100% YES. Great little machine to make almost anything into a tincture. Soak what you want in FOOD GRADE ALCOHOL, strain it, put in machine to concentrate the "oils", then mix with MCT/glycerin and you've got your own great product. The best thing is that it recaptures the expensive alcohol. 

  • Does this make extracts or oils? Can it make nut or seed oils?

    The process is ethanol extraction. Through extraction you end up with oil. This oil is most accurately referred to as an ‘absolute’. Seeds and nuts are typically extracted by cold press 

  • Could I use this machine to extract lemongrass oil?


  • What is the width of the glass part of the lid?

    The width is approximately 7 1/2 inches including the rubber 

  • Can i also use this to do 99% isopropyl evaporation? using it for example to make rick simpson oil.

    You would use a food grade, ethyl alcohol like Everclear. Isopropyl alcohol is not ment to be injested. **The type of alcohol that rubbing alcohol is made with (isopropyl alcohol) is metabolized differently by your body than the type of alcohol in beer, wine, and liquor (ethyl alcohol), so, according to the Betty Ford Center, drinking even a small amount of rubbing alcohol can have potentially fatal consequences

  • How many ounces does the cup hold?

    The cup holds about 12 fl oz but the fill line for turbo is about 10 fl oz 

  • Is the onboard vacuum pump sufficient to drive residual ethanol into 100\'s ppm, or does one need to add a secondary vacuum pump to achieve this?

    To get into the 100’s ppm you would need to post process using a heated vac chamber or vac oven 

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