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Quality Built Super Bright Light

First I must say! The people at ShopGrowSpaces went above and beyond to help me. Replied quickly and very knowledgeable. This light is built very well. No bending or flexing. The light emitted can be controlled by remote and by a knob on the light to adjust to the right % of bluish light and redish light. The timer was a little tricky as i put in only the first digits and not the last and it didnt take. But once i noticed my mistake it works like a charm. For example i wanted the light to come on at 9am so i put in 09: and assumed it worked but it didnt. When i put in 09:00 it works as intended. Its also on military time. So 1pm is 13:00 on the light. The light doesnt come with english instructions but its very easy to figure out. If i can do it anyone can! The light does put off some heat. I dont have my light enclosed in a tent. In the open room the temperature only goes up 4 or 5 degrees. Its very humid here and i never have any issues with the light functioning or condensation building up on or in the light. All in all this is a very solid light for entry and amateur growers. 2.4 amps 270 watts at the plug

.05 cents for Kw aka 1000 watts

18 hours x 270 watts / 1000 watts x .05 cents

will use about 5 Kw on 18 hour/6 hour cycle or about 25 cents a day

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